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7.25” / 18.42 cm Wrist
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Skate Boarding Vibes

Just left my local AD and found this Yuto Horigome Seiko collab just laying around waiting to be picked up! Well, I just couldn't leave it there all b...

Bedtime Lume

I figured I'd torch my favorite timepieces before bed so, on the wrist, I'm rocking Aragon Divemaster. Just above that is the Squale Profesional and l...

Happy Birthday Ari

Celebrating my nieces 13th birthday party with my bro sporting a pair of Invicta pieces!

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commented on Call_me_V's WRUW ·

Squale looks good in any color or situation. I dig the vibe!!!

commented on Tempusology's WRUW ·

Such a beautiful watch. Squale for the win!!!

commented on Tempusology's WRUW ·

Squale just has this vibe and your placement in this pic is just crazy. This is magazine quality! 💯

commented on Squale 🦈 ·

You can't go wrong with a Squale. That lume is on point!

commented on SimonB's WRUW ·

I see you bro. Starting this month off with good energy!💯

commented on Trapvision3d's WRUW ·

You're right about that. I'm too old and beat-up for heavy weights.

commented on Trapvision3d's WRUW ·


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It Even Comes With Meteorite

A few years back, I was introduced to the microbrand phenomenon through a chat on YouTube. From there, my curiosity led me further down this rabbit ho...

Sleep Test of New Watch

Seeing that I've chased this particular Squale for years, I'm testing to see how comfortable it is overnigh t. It appears that the lume is fantastic....


I've watched a number of videos about Squale, yet hesitated because of all of the shiny things available out there! Now, with all of the price increas...

All-Star Weekend @ City Gear

I just attended an event sponsored by Nike near my residence. This is the first for this side of town and I'm just happy to be amidst the festivities....

The Chief Has Arrived

Glycine doesn't have the greatest reputation within the community of collectors because of its association with Invicta. Thankfully I don't shy away f...

Some of the Best Seiko Mods

I just recently visited Kokomo Watch Company and they have a number of Seiko Mods for purchase. These are definitely some of the best I've seen in the...