NASA G Shock

Lucky to get the chance to get this one. It looks amazing!!


It is excellent, but I have two other DW 6900s, and it's my favorite style of G-Shock. It is really good-looking. The white is fantastic, and it looks good on my wrist. There already are some of these on eBay going for as high as $600, but I have no intention of selling this one. I've wanted a NASA G-Shock for a long time and I'm really happy to now have one of my own.

My son says "welcome to the club!"


Looks so cool and out of this world


My son says "welcome to the club!"


Oh cool. The OG NASA G-Shock!

What a gem! 馃殌

Looks awesome!! Well done for grabbing one 馃憤

Super cool watch and looks great! Congrats!