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Mudmaster sighting in movie “Exhuma”

Watched this South Korean occult movie “Exhuma”, which became a blockbuster in Asia. The shaman(?) character rocks G-Shock Mudmaster (GG-B100-1A3DR) a...

North Korean watches

A South Korean weatch collector purchased these watches from a Russian diplomat. Never seen North Korean watches. Interesting.

What are some watches you wish you’ll own oneday?

I’m pretty sure if I sold all the Seikos and micro brands I own, I could pick one of this up. As much as I want these, I can’t seem to pull the trigge...

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commented on Telling someone he/she is a watch nerd just by looking his/hers wrist!! ·

A bartender at my favorite bar had on Bertucci one day, Cartier Santos one day, and then she had tanned Seiko Arnie on other day. I knew she was one of us. Too bad she doesn’t work there anymore.

commented on Luminox? ·

I had the Luminox 3051. As others said already, getting it new and paying the full price is not worth it. The lume and it’s length is super great but the casing scratches way too easily. I ended up selling it, so I could get Traser watch instead.

commented on amenaza's WRUW ·

Oh!! Thank you. At first, I thought I was just seeing things moving hahah Guess I’ll open this one up and see what I can do.

commented on Friday Night Lume Battle! Let’s see that Lume! ·
commented on How to tell you are novice without telling you are 😂 ·


commented on Going on 18 months sober ·

Congratulations. It does get easier as the time passes more. But sometimes and some days after life problems arise, it will be calling your name and it is the most familiar path to take. But don’t let that get to you. Just remember that it doesn’t make us do it, we just choose to. Take that and keep that power to yourself and keep moving forward. I’ve been down that hole for 10 years straight but I decided to take control instead. You’ve got this!

commented on How often do you change the watch you are wearing? ·

I wear apple watch for work everyday but when I go out after work or on the weekend, I try to wear different ones each time so they can be worn instead of sitting in the box. But I’ve noticed that some watches I will just wear it for a week straight for any outing because I’ve gotten used to it.

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Some solar charging by the window for solar watches I have.

Can’t let these go…

Started with 22 watches, which stems for collecting watches since 1996…. I’ve sold most of them recently due to bills and now I’m ended up with these....

Invicta Era

Inspired by the @RabbitWatchShop ’s post, here are my collection that I kept from Invicta’s “AMAZINGGGG ONE time, today ONLY deal, don’t miss out!” er...

Gift for gf

Gift for gf came through today!! Can’t go wrong with Citizen.

Dear Watch detectives

Can anyone help me with identifying this watch? Big thanks in advance!