[NWA] I think I'm fine 馃

After a year of nonstop wearing of the field style Seiko SRPG37 a decision to upgrade was made. SRPG went on Chrono24 and this piece arrived today.

Hamilton Murph was one of the models that I've contemplated, but as I've seen direct comparison video of the Murph vs this Alpinist from Mark Alamares, there was no doubt. Love at first sight. The extensive history of this lineup and distinctive design also did play a significant role in my decision. I'm aware of some negatives too (ehm 6r35), but I think I'll manage.

So yeah, hopefully an everyday watch for years to come. I'm not much of a collector, I have two watches now (and one fitness tracker).

It's kinda funny how happy can a human be because of an object 馃


Congratulations! Really nice watch馃敟