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Change my handle ( someone shouts “we don’t care!!!”). I know but I’m telling y’all anyway 😂😂

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Crunchers. Let’s have a safe and prosperous year.

SOTC 2023

Maratac (County Comm) TDW - SOPMOD2 Chronograph Watch(es). Casio/G-Shock GA2100SKE-7A DW5600E-1V W-217H-9AVCF EAW-MRW-200H-1BV World time AE1200WH-1A...

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commented on Even though its a sore topic: Engraved Backs! ·

I'm sure you'll pull through no matter what maybe it just doesn't feel like you'll pull through. With that being said maybe the engraving could be a reminder of how you persevered through adversity. #wabisabi. That's a nice ass watch btw 👊🏾.

commented on Even though its a sore topic: Engraved Backs! ·

The Hydra Zulu is definitely on my 2024 list 👊🏾.

commented on watch_dc202's WRUW ·

Definitely a game changer on the bracelet

commented on $8,000 in your pocket - what are you buying? ·

Tudor BB 54 I'll invest the change👊🏾

commented on Munch News! 🗞️ ( To all community members) 🚨Please read🚨 ·

Love it Fam, I'm here if you need any assistance.

commented on ◇ MICRO HOLY TRINITY ◇ ·

Kurono Tokyo


Jack Mason

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Happy Holidays

lil photo shoot while watching the game. Mr Ross said it could use a lil bandike brown or a lil sap green 😂.

Watch blog

Thinking of starting a watch blog, just asked ChatGPT for detailed info on how to start one 😂. Just gotta figure out my niche and practice improving...

My Wife’s first watch!!

This is my Maratac Titanium Field watch. It’s the first watch I got that had no date which to this day I prefer. Date windows aren’t a deal breaker it...

NWA!! True North Watch Co. Black Fish

Soooo I kinda kept asking for the watch early that the wife gave in. I heard a lot of the big cuss words and how I get on her nerves 😂. I’ll for awhi...

JDM websites

I keep seeing talk of JDM websites. Can my Watch Crunch fam recommend a couple of good ones?


The app won’t let me post my first watch roll 😂😂. What I’m doing wrong? Or I gotta wait for an update?