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Reality vs Perception

We as humans all need a connection, someone to talk to, a family member or even a pet. And when you lose that you’re lost. This is a watch forum so wh...

What is Vostok Europe

As a fan and collector of Vostok watches I kept seeing Vostok Europe watches for sale at prices way above what I’m accustomed to paying for Vostoks. S...

Overrated watch Features. Who needs That?

I’m just going by my personal experience and obviously yours will differ and that’s fine, but a lot of touted features of a particular watch mean nada...

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MatthewT commented on Watches from each decade, 2023 edition - Share your watches Part 6: The 60s ·

Raketa a watch company formed by the Soviet Union a century ago, this was one of their”Gentlemen Watches” from the 60s, don’t think whoever owned it got out much to show it off.

MatthewT commented on Watches from each decade, 2023 edition - Share your watches Part 6: The 60s ·
MatthewT commented on My penchant for divisive watches continues... ·

As an owner of the Air King I’ll take it over the Rolex Explorer every time, similar specs and thousands of dollars less expensive. Ah the marketing genius of the folks at Rolex.

MatthewT commented on Best value in Swiss watches? ·

Glycine, sure Invicta bought them but the Swiss not only said we’re not cutting quality control they upped their QC.

MatthewT commented on Do I need a watch winder for my affordable automatic watches? ·

I have the two best watch winders available from a company called “Wrists.” And they’re free.

MatthewT commented on Is there a watch that you just don't get? ·

I don’t get a lot of watches, the branding and marketing of the manufacturer to sell the product is bullshit, they tell me (Us) what we want and sales go up not on what we want but on what they tell us we want.

MatthewT commented on Hating Erika strap (unpopular opinion) ·

I’m with you, I have tried several Royal

Marine straps and I just don’t get it, the effort to put it on is like strapping a child in a car seat.

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The family that wears Breitlings together stays together. But it may cost you the hat Breitling sends to buyers through their Authorized Dealers.

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Vostok joke of the Day

How do you tell a genuine Vostok Komandirskie from a Chinese made fake Vostok Komandirskie? The fake will work and keep accurate time. But I enjoy my...

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