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Value for money and pride in ownership

Time and time again I see sotc posts in which the poster is embarrassed of their fashion watches. Heck, Ben from BWC bashing on fashion watches was wh...

Goodbye to an old friend

When I first got into watches I decided I wouldn't sell any of them. Every purchase had to be long term, though if I wanted I could give a watch away....

How does faux patina... patina?

As the name suggests, if lume can change colour over time, what about faux patina? Does modern lume even patina at all? How is coloured lume affected?

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commented on Girlfriend wants to gift me a watch (help me choose)

Have the non Arabic version. Most underrated casio out there and also one of their best imo

commented on Girlfriend wants to gift me a watch (help me choose)

Definitely bambino. Balances out your collection more, but I'm biased as I don't like field watches

commented on Is it worth it?

They are pretty watches, I have a moonswatch that I love. But they are objectively not good value for money by any means. If you like it and know what you are getting into, go for it

Pretenses of luxury "status" aside, they aren't much worse value for money than an actual fifty fathoms lol

commented on Date complication

Dates are a nice to have but wouldn't kill the watch for me

commented on Watch Turnoffs

For me I prefer exhibition as it slides less in my wrist and I'm also sensitive to some metal casebacks. Plus they do be pretty

As for turnoffs when the case is a perfect circle with lugs attached (think oris diver) And convex lug spaces I hate those with a passion

commented on Ok I fixed the divisive issue with the crooked date window on that new Casio so rest easy

Coming from a date advocate, that 4 o'clock day date is the worst thing I've ever seen on a watch

commented on Tzalmavet's WRUW

Ha yup. Its my favorite watch and is why the accent is right up my alley

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Best watch for under $200 for non watch folk?

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SOTC (and maybe inner peace?)

Welp, here it is, end of 2023, and I somehow have less watches now than I did even a few months back. And are as follows: Gshock Wise AD7 Casio Lineag...

Are there app bug/feature submission?

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Jokes Aside (an unironic/only very slightly ironic review)

After seeing some posts and realising not all peasants appreciate the beauty of this luxury time piece, I decided that I would make an unironic review...

Watch randomly stops working?

Edit: I've found the issue, watch randomly stops running and only if given a tap starts up again For context this is a fully wound watch I've been wea...

What are your watch strap recommendations?

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