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Would you give your Speedy a mullet?

I just swapped out my new hesalite 3861 Speedmaster with a sapphire caseback and it looks STUNNING!!! I know this may split the crowd in the comments so I figured I’d make this a poll. My rationale is...
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My 2022 Watch Journey

A Cruncher recently asked how many watches did we buy this year and I had to do some hard math! It turns out that in total, I interacted with 20 watch...
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New Zelos Meteorite!

I just had to share my most recent purchase… the Zelos Swordfish Meteorite dial in blue! The dial is just stunning! 40mm, 46mm L2L, 200m, Seiko NH35,...
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vmiyanks04 commented on Rise of the Deinfluencer ·

For Lent, I gave up watching watch YouTube videos, which was totally consuming all my free time. It such an enjoyable hobby, but I certainly find myself influenced by watch videos and have definitely made purchases because of them. I wouldn’t say that I’ve bought a watch solely because a channel told me I should, but they have certainly helped sway me one way or another if I was already thinking about buying a watch.

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vmiyanks04 commented on A nod to Saint Patrick’s Day. Which of your watches may keep you from getting pinched? ·

Victorinox Swiss Army Military Heritage Quartz Chronograph… but I wear green a lot.

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I did! It was easier than I thought it would be. It only took about 1-1:30 to assemble and the instructions were very good. It was 20% off too!

vmiyanks04 commented on What’s going to be your next watch and why ·

Trying to decide between the Longines Spirit Zulu Time in blue or the Tudor BB58 Blue.

vmiyanks04 commented on Share Your Wedding Watch ·

Well there certainly is truth to being married to the military while you’re in! But the good thing is that I can retire from it in about a year! The other marriage on the other hand… 😂

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I wore the only real watch I had at the time, a Victorinox Military Heritage Chronograph quartz. I’ve had it since about 2009 and wore it in Afghanistan with me, so I guess it fit since I wore my Air Force Mess Dress. But I’m way more into watches now so I wish I would have bought a dress watch for that occasion.

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New Astor+Banks BLVDier Edition

I met the owner of Astor+Banks at the Windup Watch Fair NYC in Oct and I just fell in love with his watches! He showed me this special edition BLVDier...
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My First Speedy Tuesday!!!

My first Speedy Tuesday!!! I’ve been dying for a Speedy for years and finally was able to find one at a reasonable price! Mid-90s Triple Date Automati...
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Family Heirloom

Thought I’d share a recent family heirloom watch handed down to me… my grandfather’s Longines, given to him by my grandmother on Christmas 1952. Just...
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