My latest pick up...

I had my eye on this baby for a while, but never seem to find it at a reasonable price since they were always SOLD out, and resellers took advantage of that. Once I found it (near me), I Drove down to LA (30min drive) and picked up this LAARVEE and a BLANCPAIN SWATCH (Atlantic Ocean) over the weekend. What do you think? Too weird, peculiar, cool, monstrosity...


I thought this was a AI picture. Super cool!

I find them interesting in a Dr. Pimple Popper sort of way, but I would never wear one, even if it was a gift

Does the bezel work?

A watch worthy of Dali.

Hahahha i really like this

Conversation starter for sure.

This is so cool I think I'm going to get myself one 馃槀 It's in stock on the website

I feel like I need to be tripping on acid to tell the time correctly 馃榿馃槈

I like the absurdist vibe. But I can admire and not desire. Cool, but just not for me.

I've been watching this one for a while! Awesome. Where did you find it?