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A beautiful Octagon

Hello Crunchers, Today I opened my PO Box and there it was, my new Spinnaker Dumas GMT! A truely beautiful piece! Here we have an example of originali...

Deafening silence from Canada

There she is, my beautiful Momentum Steelix Eclipse. For a good 21 days I've been wearing this watch now and never bothered to check it's accuracy. To...

Double fun with 🌝 and 🌞!

Always wanted the Orient Sun & Moon watch but could never settle on the color version. Then, at Christmas, I got one for my wife. The smaller watc...

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commented on A beautiful Octagon Β·

I can see myself buying another one from them. The quality is outstanding!

commented on A beautiful Octagon Β·

Thank you! Indeed I do love the looks of this thing! Seems to be quite accurate as well.Wrist shot is already up! πŸ˜‰ Lumen will follow. I checked out the Picard. But,even though I do love bigger watches, this is pushing things. Nonetheless,it's certainly unique!πŸ‘

commented on Are Pagani Design watches, good watches? Β·

Your statement is ridiculous! You will never have an equal quality to whatever they copy!

commented on Are Pagani Design watches, good watches? Β·

They are Chinese garbage no matter how you wanna justify spending money on them! Stolen designs. Uninspiring. Save up a few extra bucks and buy something original, not copied! And that goes for many of those Chinese crap piles!

commented on Date VS No Date Β·

Date,always with date!🀣

commented on How do you use your chronograph? Β·

Deja Vu?πŸ€”

commented on Would you? Β·

Wait, isn't that Jean-Frédéric Dufour, the CEO of Rolex SA? 🀣

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I've got Momentum! πŸ˜‚

I was looking for a new field watch because I sold my Seiko SNZG11J1. While searching I stumbled upon the Canadian watch brand "Momentum". Scrolled th...

Let's have a Coke, babe!

Received my newest addition yesterday, Glycine Combat Sub GMT, 42mm. Picked the "Coke" version over the "Pepsi" because those red,black, and gold colo...

Teddy finally did it! πŸ’ͺ

As a long time fan of Teddy Baldassarre's channel on YouTube, I'd like to share his latest video with all you Crunchers out there. I read a while ago...

The beauty of the days gone by

I’m always fond of stories a watch or clock is telling me. Like in my first story on how I became interested in watches, today I want to tell a short...

A piece of art

Today is your lucky day - two posts from me! πŸ˜‚ This time I have something special to share. My father in law is an avid craftsman when it comes to bu...

Never again!

Oh, I know, this is going to be a controversial post, and I’m ready to take on the heat! But I have to vent a little bit because to whom, if not you,...