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Flying in my Car !!

Hey Watch friends ! I know some people think that Flieger watches are too big and too simple but I older I get the more I enjoy the Extra Large number...

Seiko Chronograph Movements. Three examples.

Since today is Blue Monday I thought I would share three of my Blue vintage Seiko chronographs with my community. It amazes me that Seiko made so many...

Seikomatic-P ! A Marvel to behold.

In the late 1960鈥檚 Seiko was at its highest level of watchmaking to date just before it almost killed off All the mechanical watch movements with the...

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commented on ChronoGuy's WRUW

What a Stunner !

commented on Okin89's WRUW

Love my Citizens !

commented on Beltane63's WRUW

Beautiful Watch ! Great Location !

commented on Brumie's WRUW

Beautiful Seiko Stunner !

commented on CdeFmrlyCasual's WRUW

Love my Vostoks ! Very Cool !

commented on EricCigar55's WRUW

It is a Great Diver. I wear it a lot. In the rain, the pool. Great Lume too !

commented on's WRUW

What a Classic Beautiful Stunner !

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Citizen Titanium Diver

A early Christmas 馃巹 present from my Wife ! God I Love her !

My Favorite Diver Is鈥︹.. A ORANGE 馃崐!

When I started collecting watches I found that Divers became one of my Favorite . Tough, Durable, Water Resistant, and most of All they come in A Lot...

I Still Love Seiko But鈥︹

l was just about to make a Large rant about Seiko. How the misaligned Bezels and Quality doesn鈥檛 justify the Large increase in price and sagging value...

Timex and Bulova ! What All Brands should be doing!!

聽Timex and Bulova have been really killing it lately! They have both been coming out with relatively affordable watches with Great specs! Not only are...

Chronograph Collection Sunday! Enjoy!

Not only are Chronographs versatile and cool but their movements can be very different. The six chronographs on the top all have the 聽Poljot 3133 Move...

Yellow Submarine! OR Wet and Wild Banana!

G-Shocks have Always been Rugged, Durable, Tough, And Accurate!!! But now they can be FUN , Colorful, and have Very useful Tech !! Like Bluetooth !! T...