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Do you prefer buying in-store or online?

Buying watches online is very convenient as you can see everything all at once as well as getting a delivery on your order without having to go out into the city. However having recently visited Londo...
112 votes

Which 拢7000 watch looks best?

Recently I visited London for a wine tasting and to have a browse around some watch stores in Bond Street. While I was there, two watches in the 拢7000 range stood out to me. These were the Breitling B...
92 votes

Whole collection lume in the dark

Decided to see how all my watches would look with lume activated in the box. Looks pretty cool I think 馃憣

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commented on Frankie_TheEnthusiast43's WRUW

Quite comfortable actually 馃憤

commented on Frankie_TheEnthusiast43's WRUW

Mostly looks

commented on santos medium or tag heuer monaco?

Santos 100%

commented on Omega Seamaster

Mine is also green 馃煝 馃憣

commented on OP41 vs Bull

Best Oyster Perpetual in my opinion 馃憣

commented on Switching it up makes all the difference

I think that suits it surprisingly well 馃憣

commented on My newest addition. 3rd tudor

Tudor is such a good brand, I can see why you鈥檝e got three 馃憣I think the black bay pro and the black bay GMT are some of the best watches for under 拢5000

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Moonswatch: Marvellous creation or just a cash cow?

When Moonswatch first released it received a lot of hype and attention because watch enthusiasts could now technically own an Omega without spending thousands of pounds, and with these cool new design...
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Omega Aqua Terra Worldtimer Blue or Green?

My first Omega will be an Aqua Terra Worldtimer, as I instantly fell in love with it when I saw it. I love the blue and green models just as much, so wouldn鈥檛 mind having either because they鈥檙e both s...
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Rolex Skydweller with jubilee bracelet or oysterflex strap?

I鈥檝e recently become interested in skydwellers and their design and whilst on the Rolex configurator, I was wondering what looked best out of the jubilee bracelet, or the smooth oysterflex strap. Opin...
243 votes