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Cdfaltz ·

We ALL have a Favorite….

I know we are supposed to love all our children the same but come on… You know you have a favorite watch? what is yours? Currently, mine is my black b...
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Cdfaltz ·

Save a couple bucks with Quartz?

Any reason you wouldn’t save money and buy the quartz alternative to the same (we’ll almost the same) watch vs the automatic equivalent? I love this H...
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Cdfaltz ·

Ever feel guilty not wearing Your Luxury watch?

You have both affordable and luxury in your watch box. Do you ever feel guilty not wearing the more expensive option? Even just a little?
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Cdfaltz commented on If you could pluck a watch from any other Cruncher ....... ·

With the amount of luxury watches being stolen in big cities I might just put my superhero cape on and protect those Watch Crunchers from a lustful thief’s  eyes on the mean streets of London, NYC, SF, etc.

did you see this story?

id like a Tudor panda chrono btw. 

Cdfaltz commented on Glad to be here! ·

Beautiful piece 

welcome aboard! 

Cdfaltz commented on My First Watch Build ·

That is cool! Nice job

Cdfaltz commented on Choosing an Aqua Terra - which dial colour? ·

Great choice. I have a 38 Good Planet blue and white.

my wife wears it as much if not more than I do.

enjoy  your new time piece 

Cdfaltz commented on What up WC. ·


beautiful piece 

Cdfaltz commented on WTH is Watchcrunch? ·

Driving to SF now. Where can I go watch shopping? Any recommendations?

Cdfaltz commented on I was told…never get into watches…I didn’t listen ·

Good luck. document the watch making journey. Love to see how it comes together. Cheers!

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Cdfaltz ·

Watch encounters in the wild (bar, restaurant) end awkward

Have you guys been at a party, bar, restaurant and looked over and saw someone wearing a watch that caught your attention, then got the nerve to say,...
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Cdfaltz ·

That watch you Wanted then wore. 😫

What’s that watch you had to have only to hate later on your wrist or after you saw in person? 🤢
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Cdfaltz ·

What’s that one watch staring at you begging for wrist time?

What’s that one watch in your watch box that doesnt get any wrist time? ypu want to wear it but than something else magically ends up on your wrist? f...
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Cdfaltz ·

Invicta sale on ShopHQ

Anyone buy a watch on a home shopping channel? selling 54MM right now but wait there’s more…..there’s easy pay no middle man factory direct to you
4 473
Cdfaltz ·

What’s your next goal /milestone to purchase your next watch?

My daughter just graduated college without and student debt. Time to celebrate the hard work and savings of my wife and i with a purchase…. now decisi...
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Cdfaltz ·

Las Vegas Meetup with Paul Thorpe

Hi watch crunchers, Anyone in Vegas and heading to this get together? I happen to be in town for a conference and hoping to go and love to connect wit...
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Cdfaltz ·

2022 Novelties anyone buy anything yet?

After “watching“ 😉 Watches and Wonder content from the YouTubers anyone already visit thier AD and make a purchase?
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