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Need help deciding on my first (and possibly only) purchase of 2024

Last year I bought and sold alot of pieces to refine my collection. In total I sold 2 watches and added 3, my collection at the moment is one I'm content with So for 2024 I told myself that I can only...
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King Seiko SPB285, my last purchase of 2023

Wanted to share my last purchase of the year. 2023 was a year of triumphs and great challenges for me and I wanted to mark the end of the year with so...

Marathon MSAR 36mm

A highly capable MIL-spec watch for smaller wrists

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commented on Gold Dress Watch for Dad

Check out the Seiko Dolce SACM150. High accuracy quartz (+/- 10s a year), beautiful dynamic gold snowflake dial, around 6mm thick and 34mm case. All can be had for around 250 CAD

commented on What would you do?

Both are nice, have a green PRX 35mm and a SARB017, wouldn't want to give either of them away

commented on Clasp scratches. How are yours doing?

The Marathon MSAR is looking banged up as it should be

commented on Alpinist reduced


commented on Bund strap

Gorgeous watch!

commented on Stowa gift pocket watch for long service

A fantastic example, and to echo what another said, that is not a swastika though you're right it was made during the Nazi reign in Germany. A very cool piece of history

commented on Garrard Vs Cartier

Beautiful piece, so many brands went under after three quartz crisis it's quite a shame

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Favorite aquisition(s) of 2023?

Well folks, 2023 is coming to a close in a few weeks, and I know most of our collections have gone through plenty changes this year. For me, it's grow...

SACM150 a little Grand Seiko at Seiko prices

Just picked up this amazing little JDM Seiko Dolce off eBay for just a little over $300 CAD. I think this piece is well representative of the value Se...

SARB017 on a president

My SARB017 in my favorite configuration. The green and gold are surprisingly versatile on a multitude of straps but I always find myself coming back t...

Khaki Pilot Pioneer in all its glory

Sometimes watches have that X factor about them that you can't quite put your finger on, but the moment you put it on you can feel it. It's that chara...

Hamilton Khaki Pilot Pioneer on a vintage strap

This is undoubtedly my favorite recent release from Hamilton. I know many will harp on the mineral crystal, but after owning and selling the khaki fie...

Seiko SRPE Salmon mod

I posted this watch lightly modded a few months back. I enjoyed the process of customizing a piece to make it my own but I still found myself not givi...