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Here's a Rolex I like !

That's just my taste, not better than anyone else, but I ask ... why, who,when, what the hell happened ?

This is funny

Clever association, but the price it's no joke, around 3,5 k.

Busy dial ?

Lots of people don't like busy dials , for me it's not that simple, it depends what it's going on , how about this one, who didn't like to have ? I su...

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commented on What's your preferred movement on a watch?

I like always manual movements ,BTW, that's what you have as option A.

commented on New Polaris Line

I love the heritage of the brand, but the aesthetics for me it's the opposite, so many options I can't understand.

commented on What is your grail watch鈥檚 biggest flaw?


commented on Thoughts and Watch Peace

I do too some window shopping, but I'm good with what I have, and frankly I don't see nothing that makes me want to buy.

commented on Is it a sin to buy a fashion watch?

I have no idea what the percentage is, but I'll say 95% of people buy watches only based on aesthetics reasons , obviously it's not a sin , maybe for us, watch snobs, we may think it is.

commented on As an enthusiast, How does your hobby extend outside of buying watches?

Agree, I have about 10 watches, like learning about it, but I'm good with what I have and don't see myself as a collector and this is not a hobby for me.

commented on To leave the scratch or not to leave the scratch?

Bothers me only if it's on the crystal.

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Does anyone know this brand / watch ?

Any opinion about it ?

Tourby hand wound

I'm a fan of hand wound watches, and here's my Tourby (Old Military) made in Germany. I learned about Tourby watches through great collector Bill Sand...

Neil Armstrong watch is missing?

I've seen some testimony about the Speedmaster worn on the moon went missing forever , just after the Apollo11 program. Is it known what happened?

Anyone has already a 2024 new watch?

Whats the first watch of 2024 here on WC ?

Santa Claus it's coming

If there were a Santa Claus ( sorry for the spoiler), and you could ask for one, any watch......What's your choice ? To keep, no flipping !!

F P Journe scandal

I've seen some rumors about a FP Journe scandal, but frankly it's all so vague, I don't understand what this is all about...anyone?