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Christopher ward

How does everyone feel about the Christopher ward c60 trident pro 300. Does anyone own these dive watches they seem pretty cool.

Seiko 6105 willard

How does everyone feel about a original vintage serviced willard. Is it worth the money. Does any crunchers on here own one. Is it still capable of be...

Vostok amphibia scuba dude

Just put a new bezel and a sieko strap on it. Pretty good value for under a $100 watch

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commented on Christopher ward ·

Like his channel mad watch collector so informative and funny lolololo

commented on Christopher ward ·

The sealander gmt model looks sharp like that

commented on paradox369's WRUW ·

Thanks I look into that one. Is it comfortable

commented on paradox369's WRUW ·

Love it on the mesh. I have the hammy auto also. I'm not a bracelet guy. Have it on a nato elastic band. Where you get that mesh what brand?

commented on Christopher ward ·

Yes christopher ward

commented on Christopher ward ·

What would be your first choice in your opinion. I'm looking for a dive watch style. I never owned one. I usual buy seikos

commented on Flighty - Too busy? ·

Love it!!! So cool how busy it is. Thinking about getting 0ne soon

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Watch Box

My homemade watch box saved a few bucks!!! 🤣 😂 😅

G Shock adapter kit

My girlfriend didn't like my g shock 5610 solar watch. Until i bought the nato adapter kit. She liked it so much she put it on for me. 🤣 😁 😄

Citizen diver

If you had to choose one citizen pro Master diver for $250 or less which one would you go with

Nato straps

Just changed out my seiko arnie dive rubber strap with a blue shark canvas strap. Super comfortable so far. Has anyone tried these straps i'm super im...

Orient diver

How does everyone feel about this model I'm a big fan of orient watches. Definitely like the price and it has a sapphire crystal

Sieko divers top 5

Whats your top five sieko diver watches under $400