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Trying to find a good home for my Nodus watch, charity sale why not

Hey everyone! Before I begin, if you're interested in a different maybe more divey Nodus check out @Mr.Dee.Bater auction for charity! https://www.watc...

Anyone interested in my Longines silver arrow?

I thought I ask here if any cruncher wants it before I offer it to the Reddit goblins. This is a treasured watch for me, and has been with me through...

Buy this watch, plant some trees

Hello everyone! I haven't worn this watch in a while so I decided to pass it on and do some good with the money, it's as straightforward as it gets, b...

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VictorAdameArt commented on Show off your GMT ·

Got two, the seiko is solar quartz flier GMT, and the nodus a caller GMT, I'm selling the Nodus right now.

VictorAdameArt commented on Rolex Explorer Review: The Watch with a Soul ·

That was a really interesting video, thanks for sharing Carl!

VictorAdameArt commented on What other hobbies do you have besides watches? ·

I steal coasters from bars / restaurants, I know they're free but the game is taking them without being seen, the thrill is in the theft.

VictorAdameArt commented on Morning Brew ·

Unpopular opinion, I love the blue color that AR coating casts on the crystal.

VictorAdameArt commented on Any watch brands that are well-liked or popular that just don’t do it for you? ·

Omega, Rolex, Tudor, all the big bois who's watches look like they're designed by comitee.

VictorAdameArt commented on Is it time? AKA, when do you decide it's finally time to call it quits? ·

Sell. Sell. Sell. Nothing's sacred.

VictorAdameArt commented on NYC WatchCrunch Meetup! ·

Just got to NYC, will be there!

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TLDR: it's not the size that matters, it's the personality. INTRO: Just recently my friend Brian, omeganut, hotwatchchick @Mr.Dee.Bater (can't keep up...

Selling my El primero :(

I bought this early this year and now I'm parting with it, I love the watch and think Zenith is such a cool and underrated brand but through these few...

Saturday Photography for Fun

Grand Seiko Sbgv207, 9F Quartz with the 44GS case. Strap is a hand-made chocolate ostrich leg strap by Aaron Bespoke. Have a great Weekend! And don't...

Horology by the Sea at SoCal Meetup

Hello everyone! Do you like any of the above watches? Are interested in independent watchmaking and want to experience some of the best independent wr...

Who's got the best 5 watch collection for 30k?

Long post ahead, you've been warned. Last Sunday @HotWatchChick69 , @STAYINGWARM and I took a trip up to South coast Plaza to look at watches where we...

Who has the best 5 watch collection for $30k

This is the voting that regards this contest that @hotwatchchick69, @STAYINGWARM, @Ckim4watches, and I held which you can find here:
68 votes ·