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Old Timex in Resin Paperweight

I was given this by my Uncle. It is a paperweight made by taking an old Timex and using a DIY kit casing it in liquid resin that then cures. It would...

Retro Future Style Dark Night, Anyone have one of these?

Look spiffy, I like, anyone buy one of these? 馃槏 They come in silver and other color combos too. $109, but are these actually $29.00 watches elsewhere...

Time for Guess The Watch, Guess the Car, Guess the Year!

I thought would play off a common photo trope found on this and other watch blogs, the "Watch Posed Behind the Wheel" snap. Here's my entry taken from...

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commented on wittnauerpolara76's WRUW

That ain't no spray tan, baby, that was earned the hard way, by the previous owner's, I reckon! 馃槑

commented on TheMadVlad's WRUW

Love, Love, Love mine! Clear crisp modern design馃槑

commented on Old Timex in Resin Paperweight

Hey hon, Murlinwatchworx? O, gotta check dat out, babe! How 'bout dem O's!

-Hard cowknee naytiv

commented on Old Timex in Resin Paperweight

Yeah I wouldn't asplode a Patek Phillipe unless you can light cigars with $100 bills without a scintilla of guilt! 馃

commented on Old Timex in Resin Paperweight

It seems to float, and the perfect gift, get rid of junk, take care of a chore!馃槀

commented on Old Timex in Resin Paperweight

Yeah, thanks! This one dropped outta the sky! I have another paperweight I bought on eBay. I'll feature that soon as I can dig it out of a box! 馃槀

commented on 鈼 UNDERRATED 鈼

Yep Cashi-O Great Brand the V-Dub of LCD watches, make the cheapest bargain basement timepieces to exotic everything but kitchen sink swissay knife on yet wrist gizmos! 馃ぃ馃

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DIY Watch Building Kits

During COVID, I bid $40 and won a never opened Esslinger Build Your Own Watch Kit on eBay. That it was going for about one quarter the cost of a retai...

Songs and Music Videos About Watches, Clocks and Time

This idea came to me just as I was closing up the office. Ok lets have those nominations for great tunes worthy to release as a channel to play on a l...

What watch would the 鈥淢ost Interesting Man* in the World鈥 wear?

Just a thought that popped in my head hanging around a large home improvement store that rhymes with the word 鈥渂lows鈥. *For those who put much importa...

It's the year 1976, what watch would you be wearing?

It's 1976, you drive a stylish new powder blue Lincoln Continental Mark IV Givenchy designer edition coupe. It's the year of the "personal luxury car"...

Which Watches Should Be Reintroduced?

Casio is well known for re-introducing models based on or exactly like their classics, for instance, the G-Shock DW-5600, the A-100 (update on F-100 i...

The Frankenwatch - Scrambled Parts

On eBay I see a lot of Seiko's that were never, ever, offered by the company. Strange mutant creatures with mismatched dials, hands, cases that may or...