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Your unintentional box collection

I would think most of us whom have a few watches, (clearing throat due to the exaggeration of modesty or is it embarrassment), inevitably have an unin...

Do you read or view reviews of watches you already own ?

I find it interesting to hear other peoples take on watches I already own. I also find it difficult not to comment, but I always thank the reviewer fo...

Mechanical Anarchronistic Marvels and Modernity

Many, but far from all, of us are drawn to watches that are micro machines that largely represent technology of a different era. Granted these technol...

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OldTritium commented on Watches we hate: ·

I parrot your sentiments.

OldTritium commented on Watches we hate: ·

Wood watch cases and bracelets do cause cringe. Wood movements, now there is some craftsmanship.

OldTritium commented on Watches and marital strife ·

Racing to beat my wife to the UPS, FedEx, USPS, and Amazon delivery, a re occurring event in my life. Not that she would be upset, it just triggers a Newtonian equal and opposite reaction. I spend "X", she spends "X". So a simple watch purchase can cost me twice!

OldTritium commented on Moonwatch. Necessary for every “true” collection? Or the “basic b*tch” of the watch world? ·

There is nothing basic about it. I do not own one or plan to, but it is one of the most iconic watches - end of story. Trigger warning, for what? Your misogynistic slang?

OldTritium commented on Your unintentional box collection ·

The Offroad Automatic. Love its simplicity, I need to wear it more.

OldTritium commented on What an incredible experience!!! ·

Amazing watch ! To your long lasting enjoyment ! I have never seen this and love it !

OldTritium commented on Your unintentional box collection ·

I have theXemex Offroad automatic on bracelet. Sorry my photography does no watch justice. Cheers !


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Casio Tough Solar - An Observation on Tough Solar

Something I have noticed is that my Casio Tough Solar that is the non tinted crystal version charges more rapidly than my other with the same module (...

My Sub supposedly took a year to make, and that would in part justify the price

Watchmaking, once the domain of fine skilled craftsmanship is rapidly being replaced by industrial scale automation and now even in part deigned with...

Artificial Intelligence wrote an ode to my Casio

I asked ChatGPT 3.5 to write an ode to my Casio 5000U-1, and it is better than I could have written, enjoy some watch poetry. Not sure why it thinks i...

Which next two watches are on your short list ?

I know every watch enthusiast has a few watches they would like to or will buy in the next few years if not much sooner. What are your next two ? Mine...

Casio gave us the finger

Just kidding, apparently these Casio Rings are toys, not even made by Casio, just licensed. Somebody could make working rings I am sure.

From Hong Kong to Dallas

I loved the retro look and am a Casio fan boy, well Casio fan Sr Citizen. I asked myself the eternal question: "Well punk, this is a Casio, one of the...