The Frankenwatch - Scrambled Parts

On eBay I see a lot of Seiko's that were never, ever, offered by the company. Strange mutant creatures with mismatched dials, hands, cases that may or may not work - many originating from India, all temptingly inexpensive. They are the watch equivalent of the ancient Chevys, Fords, and Chryslers found rumbling on the streets of Havana, Cuba, held together with tin cans, Bondo, duct tape, powered by Soviet truck/tractor, and Japanese engine transplants.

Any positive or negative experiences with these bizarre mashups? 馃槵


That's why I don't casually browse eBay watches unless I know exactly what I am looking for. I do go off on tangents though and eventually see the Franken watches. I then try to control myself but failed on a ~'76-'77 Caravelle that was offered by a US seller.馃槀 It has been a good experience so far. I do use an extension called Fakespot to help me vet sellers.

I got an HMT from India that was highly decent. I want to buy a Frankenwatch just for the heck of it, but --paper dials-- tells me all I need to know.