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8.50” / 21.60 cm Wrist
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Appointment with a cardiologist!

I had an appointment with my cardiologist for a check up in the morning! Since the moment I entered his office, my eyes fell on his Rolex! After finis...

Are you a true Seiko and/or Casio lover? Show it

Hello Crunchers! I genuinely love anything Japanese. The food, the art, the culture! And how can I leave out the watches. I have currently: 27 Seiko (...

Light WC up like a Christmas tree πŸŽ„

Share with me your most classic watch’s blue Monday lume shot! From me some good old SKX009 bling!! Brand new old stock just arrived an hour ago!! Let...

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commented on Jordi_80's WRUW Β·

Well done to you too then Jordi πŸ‘Œ

commented on watchguard77's WRUW Β·

Thank you very much Steve! The caseback is an extra feature πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

commented on watchguard77's WRUW Β·

Thanks a lot David πŸ™

commented on smashburger's WRUW Β·

David I don’t know what makes me more hungry, your burger or your deliciously combined Seiko 5 sports with this beautiful leather strap! I adore it every time you post it 😍

Have a wonderful day my friend πŸ™

commented on watchguard77's WRUW Β·

Thank you very much Alfredo! Have a great day my friend 🍻

commented on watchguard77's WRUW Β·

Thanks a lot Al. So slow they should be calling me sloth not Kostas πŸ˜‚

I think I got up only once from my desk today. My turtle is the fastest beating thing on me 😜

commented on benno1024's WRUW Β·

Top class Ben! One of my favorite Seiko 5's πŸ‘Œ

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Which one would you choose?

Hello watch family! I have a quick poll for you today. If you had the chance to buy now one of these two watches, brand new and at around 400$. Which one would you go for? The infamous Seiko SKX009K1...
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Bulova Accutron mystery purchase

I won a biding contest recently on Ebay and purchased a vintage Bulova Accutron dated from the 70's. I am still waiting for the watch to be delivered...

What is the best entry level diver?

I know it has been discussed over and over again but I wonder if Kamasu is still the best entry level diver watch considering its specs and its price...

Wives and watches (a fun poll)

Yesterday I made a huge mistake! We were preparing stuff with my wife for our upcoming vacation and I thought it would be a good idea to ask her opinion about which watches to take with me. I said to...
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Is this vintage watch fake?

Hello my dear Crunchers. I have purchased a watch this weekend from a flea market and I am not sure if it is legit. I own Vostok watches and I’ve seen...