Favourite YouTubers

Hi everyone, do you have a favourite watch YT channel- I personally like Teddy Baldassarre, CRM, Nico Leonard, Time Teller, Random Rob and Adrian Barker. When time permits, I like listening to Podcasts too鈥nyone on here run their own YT channel?


I like Shane channel Relative Time

Teddy B is great for an informational lecture. For laughs, I watch Nico. But for a deep dive, it's gotta be WatchCrunch 馃槣

Watchfinder, Andrew's personal channel, Wristwatch Revival, Vintage Watch Services & Peter Kotsa are my subscriptions.

I Like Watches also, but he reviews so many affordable watches I can immediately buy that I had to unsub or I'd be broke, divorced & destitute.

I Like Watches, Mad Watch Collector, Just One More Watch, Relative Time, Teddy Baldassare

Here we go, I'm going to upset some people with this LOL.

Wristwatch Revival - Marshall rocks!

Mad Watch Collector - great delivery, wide range of content, funny.

Nico - Nico is Nico, I do like the brash, no-nonsense approach and the ballls out attitude, again, makes me laugh.

Nekkid Watchmaker is brilliant with a watchmaker head on, his humour may be fairly UK centric but his skills are amazing for an amateur.

I like Adrian Barker 馃榾

TGV - my Jury is out, I can't work out whether he's a completely smarmy cad of a man or a lovely bloke, I just can't work him out. He is a conundrum to me. 馃槢

This is only me, but I find Teddy B patronising and I don't watch any more, I do admire his skill & knowledge but he's not for me, this sounds terrible but it may be because I am British and not fully understanding the Americana thing.

Scottish Watches is my favourite listen at the moment

All those plus *About effing time*

Swiss Watch Club

Watch Gringa

What's a Youtuber?

If you like Barker you鈥檇 prob like AboutEffingTime which is him, the Time and Tide founder, and George Bamford (Bamford Watches). Lots of fun chats from different perspectives.

You鈥檙eTerrific is also great . . . Nice array of coverage

I would add one more to the ones the other crunchers mentioned: Swiss Watch Gang. The most exotic mostly independent pieces are there! 馃槑

I used a coupon code from Random Rob for 20% off! I almost fell out of my chair. Watch is in shipping. Can鈥檛 wait.