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Help finding a strap

As amazing as the leather band this watch came with. I want a 2 piece nato that matches it for the summer as I work in a warehouse and don't want it s...

What's your Christmas/holiday watch?

Ive got on my islander isl-221 that is still in the honey moon phase. What is on your wrist for the holidays?

Random thought and current rotation

I was thinking today that how much watchcrunch keeps me from bothering a lot more people, lol

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commented on SD1979's WRUW

Had to immature

commented on riverstoneflyfishing's WRUW

Nice G.E.C. and of course the G.S.

commented on Vegas Watch Society Meetup

Had a great time thanks for putting it on

commented on Rubber or Steel

I always go with steel

commented on Decision to Buy Now or Save & Wait

Personally I would get the Seiko of the two but it's only because I'm not a fan of snowflake hands really.

commented on What is the point of the second hand?

True I have 1 watch without running seconds. I do tend not to obess about the exact time as much with it on.

commented on 1964 10k Gruen Pepsi Cola watch

That is nice

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Random public watch conversation

My parents were visiting this week and as I live in Vegas it was one of the rare times I go to the strip. They wanted to go to the Bellagio and see th...

Are the watch ads you get on other social media match or exceed your watch budget?

I just got the 3rd or 4th watch ad on YouTube(kinda surprised it took so long) . It was for JLC and realized that all of the ads i have gotten are for watchs astronomically out of my budget. Just wond...
43 votes

Just something that made me smile

I saw this the other day and my first thought was Wolfman Jack in American Graffiti (I realize this dates me). It's one of my dad's favorite movies an...

I think I have a type

I definitely have a favorite nato pattern. I wear a lot of black t-shirts and jeans so it kinda goes with the clothes I wear. Also have a vintage bond...

Similar DNA

I got this Citizen Seaplane 3 days ago and yesterday I was watching a TGV video and the video showed a Rolex explorer. My first thought was the citize...

Need some help

It's weird to say I guess but I came into some birthday money at my age (44) but I want to spend it on something irresponsible before an adult respons...