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Laco Bremerhaven 39

This is an attractive watch I’ve been eying. Hand wound with small seconds. I love that it’s a step off the beaten path. There’s a larger version and...

No Diver Emoji??

The injustice!

Great Buying Experience

I’ve seen some unfortunate bad experiences detailed here lately and thought I’d temper them with a good one. I recently snagged a super nice Tudor Ran...

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commented on My latest aquisition SPB299J1 ·

That beveled crystal is good.

commented on Thursday Lume- let’s see it ·
commented on Seiko’s Quality Issues: Let’s play a game! ·

It looks fine to me … considering.

commented on Zodiac Super Sea Wolf ·

I have the same one and it’s basically dead.

commented on Do you wear all your watches? ·

I have some from when I started collecting that just sit. They’re not worth much and my tastes have changed so I don’t like the style of them anymore. Maybe dump them off at a pawn shop or give them away?

commented on Help me choose. The new DOXA Sub 200T aquamarine ·

I think this color looks better as a solid and the sun ray detracts from its depth a little.

commented on Who here counts TUDOR as one of their favorite watch ?? brands? ·

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Shower Scene

I like washing the watch in the shower. I have a routine that works for me. It’s always nerve wracking when it’s the watch’s first time. Never had a p...

Satisfied - For Now

Here’s my Magnificent 7 in the travel case. Recently added the Tudor - it’s so nice - and now I’m fully satisfied with my collection. Maybe at some po...

Beauty from Breitling

I was strolling the strip of boutiques today and I swerved across the concourse when I spied this Top Time in a quenching blue. Really stunning number...

It was Inevitable

I spent a ton of time looking at others when I knew I’d end up with this one. It’s everything I want in daily wear. It matches my casual style perfect...

Another Day - Another Target

I’m narrowing in on a new watch to buy but it seems like every morning I decide yesterday’s crush has some unattractive aspect and I shortly after fal...

Bucherer NYC

Anybody been to Bucherer on E57th in NY? How is it? They have a great variety and thought I’d check it out. Their spot in KOP, PA is within range as w...