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Does titanium patina?

Not sure I know for sure but this Panerai 305 may be evidence. What do you think ?

Omega speedmaster racing

I usually just post on wruw but this morning I thought you might like to see this piece here. It鈥檚 a 40mm version of the racing speedy. It has the opa...

Buying from dealer in Japan

Please help. I think I found a watch on chrono in Japan. Can anyone fill me in on what to expect. My experience with chrono 24 is nothing. Total rooki...

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corsokid commented on corsokid's WRUW

Thanks Danilo. Panerai makes a really nice rubber strap. I took a chance with the orange and like it.

corsokid commented on Merry Christmas!

Congratulations. It鈥檚 a knock out.

corsokid commented on My Grail Watch 馃嚚馃嚟

Well done ! Wear it in the best of health

corsokid commented on A dash of quirkiness, color and heritage.

I agree. It鈥檚 one of the under the radar Omegas.

corsokid commented on New to me Tag Heuer Carrera

Thank you so much . Your comments certainly give me a sense of both watches. I agree that trying both on the wrist would be desirable. Again thank you and enjoy your new Tag. Wear it in the best of health.

corsokid commented on Does titanium patina?

Sorry not correct. Night fury says grade 5 does not darken. Vinney says grade 2 will not. Night fury says it will. You have another opinion?

corsokid commented on New to me Tag Heuer Carrera

Thinking about getting the 57. Can you say more about why you selected the Tag. Can I assume the tag is a automatic.

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Omega 2531.80

Looking at some prices for the 2531.80 reaching into 4K territory. What鈥檚 going on ?

Omega day

Going with the Skyfall this morning. Later today wearing the 300 heritage.

This Panerai does it all

The Panerai 233 GMT dot has it all going for it. Starting with the completely in house 8 day hand wound 2 series caliber. The domed crystal with sandw...

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Exquisite timepieces Get together

Exquisite timepiece get together

Tonight exquisite timepieces opened their stores to watch enthusiasts.

Omega 300 Heritage

Just put this beauty on a Oem strap with deployant. I liked the bracelet but wanted a change. What u think ?