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Watches & Wonders And My New Tudor!

So!! Very happy to be going to Geneva next week to the first public opening of Watches and Wonders! But also!!! Very happy with my latest watch purcha...
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MWC2020 ·

Embracing A Big Watch!!!!;)

So I have a 6 and a half inch wrist and most of the watches in my collection (bar a couple) aren’t bigger than 41mm in diameter!!;) so to have bought...
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MWC2020 ·

Reasons Why Grand Seiko ARE Special

Had fun with this beautiful watch for a week! Shout out to all GS owners!!!!
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MWC2020 commented on Watches & Wonders And My New Tudor! ·

Thank you my friend!

MWC2020 commented on Watches & Wonders And My New Tudor! ·

Camera always adds ten pounds! It’s the angle my friend plus wrist size!

MWC2020 commented on Which one of these 4 dials is your favourite? ·

It’s the Zulu for me!

MWC2020 commented on Is the mad watch collector shilling for Jomashop now? ·

You are 100% correct my friend. I’m not going to truly know the regular customers experience granted. But I asked a lot of people as well as content creators such as Jody JOMW. The comment sections of my shows are always open to peoples opinions and experiences and I hope that with that and WatchCrunch , people can decide whether to purchase with Jonashop or not.

MWC2020 commented on Is the mad watch collector shilling for Jomashop now? ·

Well thank you for pointing this out???? I had heard of Jomashop for about 5 years now and was always curious about the service and the process of buying a watch from there. I recently sold a Sinn U50 and the GS SBGN003 . The plan was always to get a BB58 . After chatting with JS for well over a month, gathering opinions (first from my members) we’re all positive and with any company , there are bad stories , however the positives were 99% and they have been running for 30 years . I was given a discount however I still put a huge(huge for me) sum down for the Tudor.

I filmed that unboxing as I wanted to show whether it had been a good idea or a bad idea!!!

And for me, it was 100% positive!!!!!!!

I’ll be buying from Jomashop again!!!

I’m no shill!!!!??? I’m just BRILL!!!!

MWC2020 commented on Embracing A Big Watch!!!!;) ·

Hahahahaha well as the 5600 is the smallest a G-SHOCK gets unless it’s a baby G, I doubt you have many other than that one my friend;)

MWC2020 commented on Reasons Why Grand Seiko ARE Special ·

Thank you man!

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MWC2020 ·

Which G Shocks SHOULD you get ?

The topic of next weeks show is all about the mighty G’s!!! If you were new to the world of these chunky anti shock beasts which ones would you recomm...
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MWC2020 ·


The Iconic Snowflake Spring driven beauty has been the flagship model for Grand Seiko since 2005! The question in 2023 is…., is there a better Grand S...
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MWC2020 ·

The Pelagos 39mm ! I can see this in the collection;)

Absolutely loved making this show! Really wanted to do this watch justice in terms of the videography of the watch shots . but! The question still rem...
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MWC2020 ·

OK !!! I’m back in the watch buying hunt!!;)

There I was at the beginning of the year all content with my collection only to have been loaned a Pelagos 39! Aaaaaaaaaand………. I want it!!! look how...
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MWC2020 ·

The Game Changer?????

Had the pleasure of this sample being sent to me right after it had been sent back from Hodinkee!;) let’s get into it!!!
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MWC2020 ·

If It Wasn’t For Watches….

Many experiences have fallen on my lap in the last 2 years as a consequence of loving these awesome timing wrist instruments! No more so then being ab...
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MWC2020 ·


Looking forward to working with Watchfinder a bit this year! They have asked me to pick any watch to review from their website! Which watch would you...
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