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New G Shock

I finally received my other new G Shock today. It was 6 days late getting here. I ordered this one and the GMWB5000MB at the same time. The 5000 showe...

Latest G Shock arrived today

I posted a few days ago when I ordered this watch. It arrived today. I have always wanted a premium G Shock and I finally found the right one. I norma...

GMWB5000MB-1 ordered

In case anyone is interested Casio.com has the full metal GMWB5000MB-1 40% off. I might have ordered 1 already. I have wanted a 5000 series square for...

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commented on Do you LOVE it? ·

I love Orient. I might go as far as to say I like as much as Seiko. I know Seiko has a much larger catalog but I have been very pleased with the Orient's I own.

commented on blueyeguy's WRUW ·

Much more legible. I like it.

commented on Matching your watch by dress code chart ·

You took the words out of my mouth.

commented on ISLANDERs let's see them! ·

That one is my favorite.

commented on ISLANDERs let's see them! ·

Here are my 4. I am definitely not done I have my eye on a couple more Islanders. Of course he keeps releasing more new ones too.

commented on danj454's WRUW ·

Thanks. I agree it is underrated. I love the green also.

commented on Giving away your watches?!!? ·

I have considered doing the same thing. I have over 20 Casio's(too tired to count them now). My problem is I don't know anyone who wants a watch. My wife has taken over a couple of my watches. She took 2 of my Timex Expedition's because she loves Indiglo. Everyone else I know doesn't wear a watch or they have smart watches. I have 2 young nephews I have thought about giving them a Casio but all of my Casio's are too large for them.

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New watch ordered

I received a notification text from Casio on the new Casioak with a full lumed dial. I need another Casio like a I need a hole in my head but this one...

Casio WS-1600H

I have been thinking about picking this watch up since it came out. I like the style and I might be a little bit of a Casio fan so why not? I had it s...

Nylon straps for GW-2310 and AWG-M100

I love G Shocks but I don't like the original straps very much. The resin straps work and fit the case of the watch well but I am just not a fan. For...

Casio Duro with Islander bracelet

After buying a couple of bracelets from Long Island Watch I decided to get one for my Duro. I'm sure some might think it's crazy to pay more for a bra...

Watch building info resources

I am planning to assemble a watch this year. I have a Seiko NH36 movement salvaged from an Invicta Pro Diver. The Invicta case and bezel were damaged...

DW5600 bezel mod

Those of you who own a DW5600 G Shock are probably painfully aware of how hard the adjust button is to press. The adjust button is shorter than the ot...