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7.68” / 19.50 cm Wrist
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Is it just me? Does anyone "feel" their watch to know what they're wearing without looking it?

I change my watch a lot, once a day minimum, sometimes I forget what I'm wearing and test myself for how it feels and then make a guess and then look! Am I a mentalist?
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HELP! It’s Tuesday! There is a watch there!

This was meant to be a quiet night with a couple of beers, I’ve been here 3 hours and they whisky is out! This will be a mess, it’s been nice people,...

App Issues?

Hiya, is anyone seeing issues on the app? Latest version, running on iOS - iPhone - I'm unable to post to WRUW, I can select a pic, hit next and it ta...

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commented on Let us see those CASIOs! ·

I imported it using Discovery Japan, it's CAD$257 at current rates, I had to pay taxes etc but was v easy.

commented on Let us see those CASIOs! ·


commented on Oil Filled Watches Anyone?-Part II ·

The thing that holds me back with something like this is that it's a lot of ££ for a watch with a £15 movement. Yeah I get that there's other craftsmanship at play and this is a never ending argument but IMHO this one takes it to the extreme. Plus the bubble is annoying AF!

commented on What makes a field watch a “beater”? ·

My view on a beater is something I can afford to replace if I really fuck it up. I class my G-Shock resin square as my beater watch because if I can break that and I’m still alive afterwards then I’m lucky 🤣

commented on NWA! Been eyeing this for some time! ·

I’ve only recently got my first Orient and can confirm it’s a great watch. I went for the Ray II in PVD black, love everything about it.

commented on Your Most Quintessential Late 90’s Watch! ·

Whoah, you a time machine boy?

That's 2090s surely? It's perfect in every way!

That's brilliant. Love it.

commented on Chairman_Bored's WRUW ·

My boss is in China at the moment so I'm using it for when I can partially relax as I know he won't be hassling! 😄

As your above, I've never thought about that, I've always bought GMTs for personal reasons either work or family (sister & family in Perth Australia & the rest of us UK), I rarely use them when traveling as I don't care when I'm away, all work stuff gets switched off and family I'm cool with at whatever time, it's a fucking ace complication though, love it.

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WRUW tag creates more addiction?

When I look at many beautiful watches under the WRUW tag it adds to my watch addiction, agree?
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London Street Robberies - Be Careful Out There

For those that don't know Aled Jones is a singer / TV presenter in the UK and was mugged at the weekend.

How many crunchers actually dive with their dive watches?

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Winter watch charging

Hi all, I have quite a few solar watches so I use a grow lamp on a timer to keep them charged up when the UK Winter days are not sunny, does anyone el...

Looking for something that I can't find!

Other than replies etc this is my first 'proper' post. Be nice LOL! 😀 I'm looking for a watch with the following things, quartz, field watch style, 1...