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Gotta love the smiths empire. Unsophisticated, understated, classic

First scratches

Won a race at the Durham Regatta today, though, christened my Pagani, if you're wondering why it's so tight, it's just so it didn't move while rowing.

New watch day

Loving this, just need to take a few links off the bracelet

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commented on Time Factors head's up

I'm getting a smiths for my birthday, not picked which one yet lol

commented on Smiths

Yep, grand total of 5 jewels lol. I believe the empire was the cheapest range at the time

commented on I'm excited and scared at the same time...

Oof, we expect the worse if you don't hear from you. It's been good knowing you man 馃槀

commented on First scratches

Agreed, quads can feel a bit boring, I haven't rowed an 8 yet, but I definitely prefer a double. 馃嵒

commented on First scratches

Stroke on a double.

commented on First scratches

Yep, probably, but I find my wrist gets all clammy when I row in rubber

commented on First scratches

Thank you man. And it's not, it's from carrying one of the red boats.

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The lume on this is crazy

Swatch lume from the 90s is actually pretty good

I swore I wouldn't.

I've never been a fan of "homage" watches. At all. And I was certain I would never buy one, but after looking on AliExpress today, I snatched this up.

LCD test time

Nerdiest thing to do but looks sick

Any alternatives?

Hi all! This Rolex Explorer II is my dream watch, literally my one watch goal I've set myself, but, being the young man I am, I do not have several te...

New camera

Not really related but I liked how my watch and camera match, both in decade and colour scheming

Lume on the Celsius 9

The lume on this watch (at least for me) is perfectly adequate, mine lasts for a couple of hours too, for example i went to bed in a tent on Hadrian's...