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Hans_B ·

JDM Turtle

Found it locally on C24 from a private seller. I am happy to have another JDM (and probably also rare) Seiko in my growing collection.
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DouglasLojta ·

Seiko Mod Idea: The Bune

Hi fellow modders, I have a pretty specific idea for a mod build in mind. I am only struggling finding a handset for this one. Maybe you guys can help...
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Hans_B ·

Ninja Turtle

Obtained via C24 after patiently waiting for a good opportunity. Shoutout to Antti from Finland - maybe he's a member of this community.
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reconteamforestburg ·

Seiko SBDY083

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MWC2020 ·


Love my Mini Turtle in so many ways! The case fits me beautifully ! But that PADI dial is is probably the craziest I own🤪 and I love it! In some light...
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Eaurouge1 ·

Seiko 6309... not sure but don't mind

Recently bought this from a UK ebayer. Looks to good for an 80's watch. I love it though and bought it even with some doubts.. at what I think was a g...
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Rocky150 ·

Steel Dive 6105 Turtle NH35 movement.

Has anyone had first hand experience with this piece? Comments welcome. And comments on Ali Express please.
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stafford ·

Night photography + Seiko Turtle 7002-7000

Just my watch,my camera, and the street light.
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Bessio ·

Seiko turtle

Love that dial and the build quality for a sub $500 watch. Found a good deal on eBay for a Made in Japan example without alignment issues. I was pleas...
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NLemus ·

Seiko SRPE99 The Pepsi PADI Turtle.

After vacillating between this SRPE99 PADI Turtle and the SRPE27 PADI Monster, I finally made a decision to make this the newest addition to my quickl...
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