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Lilian_Georges71 ·

What size should I get my Seagull 1963 in?

Hey folks, I'm currently planning on buying one of those beautiful Seagull 1963 Mechanical chronograph on Since there's no real option for me to try this watch, I wonder what...
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TwiceTollingClock ·

Where to buy...?

If any of you experts out there were going to buy a Seagull 1963 watch, where would you buy it? Amazon? Ebay? AliExpress? Or somewhere else entirely?...
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IceCreamMan ·

Do you have a watch you like to look at, but you don't necessarily like to wear?

My Seagull 1963 - I finally found a blue suede strap that looks good, but I don't like the way it wears. I've tried suede, red silicone, blue silicone...
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ThatTimexTick ·

The commie chrono!

My first mechanical watch! Waiting on a new strap so I can see that clear case back more easily. Mechanical watches have convinced me that yes we did...
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GGWatchReviews ·

To See the Gull? Or not to See the Gull?!

Hello, I was going through affordable automated chronographs and I found this puppy.
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Tokyeo ·

My admiration for Seagull 1963

When you have a watch that is so good looking, you can't help but to take a moment and admire it - even if it's a mundane task like opening a window a...
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Tokyeo ·

Old military watch from Russia and China

I just got this Russian military watch from my father-in-law, who received this as a gift during a business trip to meet the Russian government. You c...
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JoeyShapiro ·

Chrono Questions

Hey team, I've been thinking of adding a chronograph to my affordable watch collection and am trying to decide on which road to go down... If at all. I like the look of the Dan Henry mecaquartz watche...
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fweigel ·

My Watches in Bed

Today, we discuss the Hemobllo watch roll that is home to my babies. I purchased the roll from Amazon, for $12.12 (in canadian dollars). They ended up...
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