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Pulled together a SOTC montage

My previous SOTC photos have all been shots of the watch boxes but they always seemed to lack clarity. I've pulled together a montage as it seemed an...

SOTC Jan 2024

The new year's resolution is one, one out. Let's see if I can keep that over the coming year. I seem to have added 7 or 8 (depending on your view of p...


The GLW was kind enough to buy me this lovely pre-loved Tank for our 10th wedding anniversary. Definitely a keeper (the GLW)

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commented on Relvee's WRUW

I think mine is a 1970. When I got it last year it needed

  • a service as it was running horribly

  • One of the lugs straightened carefully as it was bent inwards by c1-2mm

  • A decent strap.

These older UGs are things of beauty. Yours also has a sentimental factor. Keep and enjoy

commented on Relvee's WRUW

Thx. Quality a bit ropey. Movement kept stopping but after some adjustment it came back to life.

commented on Watches and Wine

How was the wine?

commented on Tell me you are getting close to 50. . .

Coz you did too much, much too young

commented on Tell me you are getting close to 50. . .

I got my two tone DJ36 at 40 to coincide with a big promotion at work. They tend to be appreciated less by the 'youth'

commented on Farer Discovery Black or CW Twelve(blue dial)


commented on Best crown in the bottom right corner watch

Orient Triton

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Urgent dilemma. I got the call

A couple of months ago I was looking at watches to celebrate a new job. I put myself down on the list for this beauty and got the call yesterday. Give...

I blame JOMW (again)

Sitting down and perusing You Tube I found myself on JOMW and Jody was reviewing the Vario Versa. Having found my B&M to be a tad illegible withou...

State of the collection August 2023

A few additions, most notable are the Universal Geneve shadows and the Ming. The Panphibia is in the drawer of death pending the sourcing of a new mov...

Golden shadow

Having got myself a UG White Shadow on mesh (effectively the OG Genta design that PP homaged for the Golden Elipse) I have been on the look out for si...

After an almost 15 month wait

Last March I saw that Ming were selling a GMT in either green or gilt. As more of a traditionalist I went gilt and placed the deposit. It finally came...

New to me anyway, c50 year old classic

I was watching Urban Gentry recently, he was reviewing the UG White Shadow. I fell down the rabbit hole looking for a decent example on Chrono24 and E...