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BYOP aviator on this sunny Sunday. Have a great day Crunchers!

🕒 Crafted with Care: A Personal Horological Journey 🕒

In the quiet moments between life's busy hours, I've poured my heart into creating something special. Today, I'm excited to share a piece that's close...

Tandorio #2 -- a true "desk diver" w/no dive bezel

I ordered this watch sterile, but I think I might have done the brand a disservice, because it looked quite OK with the printing. And it's a pretty de...

First NH35 build

First custom build from sourced parts ever for me! Everything was sourced, movement, dial, hands and case. Even the logo. It will be a gift to my fian...


A few weeks ago our great and wonderful #munchnews publisher @Mr.Santana made a post. In this post he had only 3 of his custom made, limited edition W...
Happy Sunday. Sporting my Byop Aviator today. 120/120!

Don’t tread on me! Invicta and the liberation of the senses.

Invicta is my guilty pleasure brand. A juggernaut of the wrist, many of its designs tip the scales while providing a scintillating vigor within one’s...
NAMOKI Mods Watch I picked out… BB58 Dual Time build
Today, as yesterday, my "Be Your Own Pilot" Aviator with canvas straps from Fluco. Fly high on this Tuesday!
Giving this guy some wrist time. Byop aviator with Fluco canvas grey strap. Good Sunday everyone!