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NATO Strap on a GMT?

NATO straps: yay or nay? I love them on my Pagani Design PD-1662, a homage to the Rolex GMT Master II. They are fun, comfortable, and affordable, and they let me customize my watch to my liking.... BU...
74 votes ·

Building a watch and I realised I ordered the wrong everything...

I decided to make a few watches this month... And yeah. I ordered the wrong cases, the dials weren't the right fit (the shipper is to blame for that)....

Invicta Pro Diver Review - Gimme that deep sea gold!

Hmm... Invicta... why does Nico hate you so??? My beautiful Invicta Pro Diver 8929OB is a gorgeous dive watch that pays tribute to the iconic Submarin...

Invicta Pro Diver 8929OB

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MistaMin commented on The Citizen Exploring Grand Seiko Territory - Kind of ·

Never ever ever would I spend 4 figures on an Eco drive... 😅

MistaMin commented on Baltic tax? ·

I'm so glad we only pay 19% in Germany....

MistaMin commented on MistaMin's WRUW ·

Yes sir!

MistaMin commented on NATO Strap on a GMT? ·

I like the bracelet as well (Oyster style), but I ordered a bunch of NATO straps and in winter it's nicer than the bracelet the watch doesn't feel as cold, we already got snow up in these mountains.

MistaMin commented on Watches we hate: ·

Zinc watches with steel plating that claim to be solid steal because their caseback is solid steel... Yea, screw those brands.

MistaMin commented on TekindusT's WRUW ·

Day Date 😍

MistaMin commented on laurik's WRUW ·

Sat down with a helicopter pilot a few days ago while at a pub and he had the same watch in black. G-Shock the watch for the bad mama jamás! 🙌🏽

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Review of a Rolex wanna be... na, homage... na, straight rip off????!

I had been looking for an automatic GMT watch for a long time, and I came across the Pagani Design PD-1662 on sale for less than 70€. I was intrigued...

Pagani Design PD-1662

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11.11 - How many watches do you have in your shipping cart?

🥳 It’s that time of the year again! 🥳 11.11 is a major shopping day in China, and all your favorite Chinese watch brands are having a mad sale on Al...

Chinese Mechanical or Swiss Quartz?

Do I really need to spell it out? Choose for yourselves this day whom you will wear!
91 votes ·

My First Titanium Watch!

Hi, hi, everyone! I want to show you the new watch that I bought recently: the Invicta Pro Diver 0420. This is a titanium watch with the magnificent a...

Stopping watch theft

I saw this video on Roman's channel about the Watch Vault where they really break it down. It seems like a positive thing and something that will hind...