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Adult Money

Nintendo watch. Don't wear it often, as the "rubber" strap is completely atrocious. Uncomfortable and itchy. I have tried to swap out to a thin NATO,...

Islander isl-200 Bethpage chrono

Well, late xmas present to myself. I have been looking for a decent chronograph for a while and found this one. Watch was on sale and couldn't resist....

Traska Summiteer

So I went ahead and jumped on this one. Pictures on the website and the one I have uploaded do not do this thing justice. This piece is a stunner on t...

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commented on What was your FIRST watch? ·

I just found one of these at a thrift store the other day! I bought it for 5$. Its the velociraptor holographic eye ball model. (Far left in this picture) immediately took me back to when I was a kid. Currently trying to find a new battery for it.

commented on New traska commuter just arrived ·

I really enjoy my traska. Havent had any issues with mine. The scratch resistant coating really works. Pretty accurate. Minor adjustment on the grapher and it was great. What happened with your bracelet?

commented on SOTC ·

The Zeppelin though. Cherry! 🫡

commented on 2023 SOTC ·

Was going to ask the same thing. Beautiful piece!

commented on N(old)WA ·

That dial is tantalizing!!

commented on Islander isl-200 Bethpage chrono ·

It Isnt a deal breaker for me. Yeah, small logo and minimal text across the dial. Definitely not as bad as some companies having to list the entire spec sheet on the dial lol. It's different. Logo could use some updating I think. Like an actual outline of Long Island would be cool. But hey, his watch company. So far I've had it on wrist for about 12 hours. I can't seem to find the right adjustment for the bracelet. Either too tight or too loose. So I think she will have to ride loose.

commented on Just for laughs 🤣 ·

Looks legit

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Anyone ordering tomorrow? On the fence about ordering one at release. I don't want to wait to long and have stock sell out quick. But also have never...

Newest addition

So, long story short. Bought myself a new edifice. Just your basic solar powered chronograph. Absolutely love the fit and finish of this watch. Bracel...

80s style??

Found these beautiful watches at my local thrift store. 6$ for the set. Still in the original packaging, both tested and fully functional. I only had...

ORIENT sun and moon

This is the quartz sun and moon. Absolutely love the size and the looks. The dial detail is beautiful. Functional and practical. Great dress watch for...

Oris 36mm bronze

Anyone have any experience with the Oris big crown pointer date 36mm bronze? I am being pulled into the pointer date hard. Looking to get some insight...

Watch of the day

Just another G-Shock. Love my square. Perfection and functionality. Does everything I need it to. Thanks for looking.