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awatchtowear ·

One of the best micro brands ever!

Monta makes one of the best micro brand watches ever. The quality you are getting for the price is on another level. I would say it on par with the li...
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grantk ·

Pitzmann II

My brother just got his first watch - the PItzmann II (Blue). It's a microbrand watch that released a few months ago from Seoul, Korea. Amazing value...
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GullibleAndroid ·

RZE Ascentus GMT: White vs Black

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Batemanswatches ·

Tsovet - "Catalina" Dive watch

Catalina - such a lovlely sounding name . One imagines a beautiful woman standing on the beach, the wind blowing her long brown hair, smiling at you i...
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Kayone73 ·

NWA: Pitzmann II

NWA: just picked up my first microbrand from Korea, called Pitzmann II (their second release) after seeing a few early reviews online. 40mm case, less...
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Max ·

How to build a 4 watch collection for $2000

Call this one the looming recession special 😅. Last time I made a similar video at the $10k mark, people asked for a lower price point. Well I accepte...
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AllTheWatches ·

New Farer 36 Lineup

Anybody else check out the new lineup? 36mm time only, 10.4mm thick, La Joux-Perret G101. Some very cool color combos.
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TomBakov ·

Polish microbrand watches

I assume polish watches are not very popular worldwide but as a good citizen I feel obliged to introduce to you a few polish brands which might intere...
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dimithra_05 ·

Microbrand Tournament Semi Finals Day 2

One last bracket remains until the finals, lets see how things shape up to be. I must say, Farer and Baltic are doing absolutely amazing in this tournament.
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TheTimeBum ·

New Haim L2

Got a full set of the 2nd-Gen Haim Legacy watches in for review. Those dials! These will be fun to photograph.
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