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Merry Chrysler!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hollidays Everyone! I’m reporting after several cancelled delayed and rescheduled flights! Fortunate for my family and frien...
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Summiteer on a Saturday

It’s been a minute. But I’m in all black and I thought I’d update y’all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Best Strapmonster of all time?

Which is the one above all others? (P.S. took pictures 1&2 from Google…)
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Wyndy1 commented on Forum Wrist Sizes ·

Same lol 

Wyndy1 commented on CHRISTMAS EVE WRIST CHECK??? ·

Uber shot! Merry Christmas brother! 

Wyndy1 commented on Serica vs. Halios vs. Lorier ·

Personally Halios or Traska. Maybe smiths. All hard to get though

Wyndy1 commented on Stack’d Hands ·

They’re great. My favorite piece right now! 

Wyndy1 commented on Stack’d Hands ·

It is!! Sorry I just saw this

Wyndy1 commented on What watch do you wear to work? ·

Lately it’s been this guy! 

Wyndy1 commented on Traska Rules. King of the microbrands. ·

I love this color way!

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Stack’d Hands

Just a quick shot from #TraskaTuesday yesterday. Stacked hands on my #traska #summiteer .
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Not a bad way to spend Saturday night

This whiskey is from a local-ish distillery… When you mix it with some ginger beer (goslings is the only option!), and topo chico. It’s special. Much...
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Traska Summiteer 36

I’m really happy with the design and feel of this one… instant classic in my book.
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