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6.25” / 15.88 cm Wrist
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Winner of Microbrand March 🥳

Winner of my 🚨New Watch Game 📣 of Microbrand March is this dashing Marole & Wood Type 01-A 🥳 I’m loving the Glacier dial with its Guilloché sun...

Vote on my next KS Microbrand 🗳️

Hey WCfam, Happy Microbrand March 🎉 Help me choose my next Kickstarter Microbrand 🤙🏼 (Pics are stock photos and not mine) Although WC doesn’t have a time limit on this, voting will conclude on Sund...
58 votes ·

🚨NewWatchGame📣 Welcome to the first New Watch Game of 2024 🥳

I started this concept, initially, to curb my rate of additions and to have some fun with the watch community and I must admit, it’s been fun hearing everyone’s thoughts and preferences from all aroun...
48 votes ·

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commented on Pieces0ftime's WRUW ·

Got a tripod 😉

commented on Pieces0ftime's WRUW ·

The process of the oil press stamps out a unique 3D textured dial, and in this case, a gorgeous sunray effect 🤙🏼

commented on Pieces0ftime's WRUW ·

Unfortunately I’ve had worse leather bands from Seiko so I was ok with this one 😅

commented on Pieces0ftime's WRUW ·

Thanks Sam, you should def get another Lorier… they just restocked 😉

commented on Pieces0ftime's WRUW ·

Thx so much my friend 😉

commented on Pieces0ftime's WRUW ·

Much appreciated Bob 🙏🏼

commented on Pieces0ftime's WRUW ·

Appreciate you Danilo 👊🏼

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The Last 🚨NWG 📣 New Watch Game of the year

🚨NWG 📣 It’s the last New Watch Game of the year where you get to vote on my next addition to the collection 😲 For the last 🚨NWG 📣 of 2023, the #watchfam gets to vote on my next GMT. Last year, yo...
57 votes ·

Vote on my next piece 🗳️❄️

With the first snowfall upon us, this month’s 🚨New Watch Game🚨 will be winter-themed, meaning all pieces will be in a ‘snow’ colorway 😉❄️☃️ Although WC doesn’t have an end time, voting will conclud...
61 votes ·

Vote on my next KS Microbrand

Hey WC, Help me pick my next Kickstarter Microbrand 😄 For those who are not into Microbrands, this might be tough due to the obscurity of the brands, and even if you are… you still might need to do a...
14 votes ·

📣 New Watch Game 🚨

It’s the middle of summer, what better time to bring in a new diver 🤿🥳 Routine at this point, you get the model but no shots of the watch as part of the intrigue… 😉
37 votes ·

Help me pick my next Summer Watch 🥳

Happy Father’s Day weekend WC 🥳😁 With summer around the corner, help vote on my next new Summer watch 🗳️ Candidates this month are: *Zelos Aurora *Timex Waterbury Chrono *Bulova Hack *Studio Underd0...
101 votes ·