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Sunday Night Football

Timex chrono with Indiglo (of course) overseeing tonight's backyard beer garden bonfire & grillout! Anyone else having last minute fun before the...

In love with this sub $100 gem

Hey Crunchers 👋, I thought I'd use my one and only first post to share my love of sub $100 gems. I'll be thrilled to share some of my more expensive...

Timex Standard

If you are a watch enthusiast, do not forget about the fun part of it. The strategy of „do not take it too serious“ among the journey. The crazy dials...

The Timex weekender, one of my first watches!

Enjoying a first. My dad told me when indigo first came out, it was a really big deal. Kinda cool to think about.

Groomsmen gift - Timex Weekender

I was recently in one of my good friends weddings and this is the groomsmen gift he gave us all. I can’t think of a better gift! Of all the nit pickin...

My First Timex in Years. What Brand Don’t You Own That You Want to Start Collecting?

I like to wear a watch while sleeping. It’s easier to see the time in the dark at 2 a.m. at arm’s length than to have to turn on my side…while confusi...

Timex T2N721 Lume

Today's submission is the Tide-Temp-Compass watch. The very small blue pointer is the special function, while the second hand is lumeless. In the abov...

Timex Expedition

Is this a good watch?

First field watch acquisition.

Having been able to acquire my first field watch and I can say I’m liking it. Having to fit nicely on my tiny wrist( yet to measure it accurately), th...

Time for Timex

Timex Harborside with brown leather strap…