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I build this watch yesterday with spare parts I had laying around. I had to bend the minute hand because of the high indices. I also cut the seconds h...
Spent Whimsical Wednesday with Tony the Diver.
"Airport friendly" custom quartz that will not set airport metal detectors off. Distressed Raketa dial, Hattori SL68 quartz movement (mostly plastic p...
Frankenstein watch. Dial I like from an old watch, NOS case and movement from HMT.


I bought an old watch for the movement. The case was crap, but the dial was nice. So, here's the dial in an NOS case with a $6 HMT movement and hands...

Help Me build a Frankenwatch!

Need some help from the crunchmodders. I’ve got this cool Lord Elgin Aquamaster case and dial. I’d like to put a replacement automatic movement, stem,...

Franken So What?

I was watching this video on the restoration of a toy Ferrari. Not sure if the toy is vintage or how old it is but at the start of the video it was qu...
Saturday feels like a good day for levity. The Franken Tony feild watch it is.

Franken watch ?

Buddy of mine, found this in old home, he moved into. I think it’s a Franken watch any opinions?

Would you buy one of these "FrankenSeikos" from India? 🇮🇳

I've heard they're made of real parts just mixed up and refurbished with "local market straps?" I don't want to support fakes but real parts remixed s...