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And for no particular reason, Rootbeer hump day over here! This one made me a fan of BoR bracelets, what a treat they are! Have a great day fellow cru...
Wear One, Get One! Started the day with my GG-W-113 that I slapped double red line 🟥 🛣️strap to spice things up 🌶️... But then found a new strap for...
Different day, same watch. Wearing the Zelos back to back this busy weekend, and taking a breather to post another quick WRUW. A great Sunday everyone...
Pagani's slightly blingy interpretation of the Explorer theme is one of my faves.

New Again Watch Alert

What can I say.... I let my watch selling regrets get the best of me. When I sold my 556i last year, I immediately felt like I might miss wearing it....
Timing the chow mein to crispy up…
A bit of a rushing day today, so a quick WRUW post with an old pic of today's time piece. The amazing Zelos Blacktip and its infinite number of detail...

Let's see your glossy black dials!

Show us those inky black dials
Continuing to try and reconnect with this one this fine Wednesday. Almost sold but still not sure about the size, let's see. A great humpday all aroun...
And making this one a San Martin Tuesday, with the most original design of my collection, this supremely comfortable Rootbeer GMT. Love the colours ac...