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Saved by the strap, Girard-Perrgaux 1966

My GP 1966 is one of the older and most favorite watches in the collection. I had a much needed service done at GP about a year ago and updated my rev...

Pondering Paneri

Well Crunchers, my collecting bug continues. Paneri had never been on my radar, but a new Paneri AD opened near me last year and I finally made time t...

Tsao Baltimore Watch Company Natty Boh Purple Review

This new watch is a tribute to the Land of Pleasant Living. The Natty Boh Moon watch is a quartz moonphase with many tropes to Maryland and Baltimore....

Tsao Baltimore Watch Company Natty Boh Moon - Purple

4.8 Avg. Score

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commented on Finding my Ultimate Daily Driver ·

My AT is one of the best looking watches in my collection and like you I find the rubber strap comfortable. So, despite the very good bracelet on the Rolex, the AT gets my vote.

commented on Watch for Jeep Lovers! ·

Cool collaboration, Marathon is a good brand.

commented on World timers!!! WOW 🤩 ·

I was almost ready to suggest a worldtimer when you first posted - here’s an interesting one from Tsao Baltimore in my collection. It also has a GMT function. The case and bracelet are well-finished titanium. This one has a meteorite dial, but they come in a number of colors, too.

commented on Saved by the strap, Girard-Perrgaux 1966 ·

Agree with that! The small seconds dial give an asymmetry that really makes this piece stand out.

commented on Saved by the strap, Girard-Perrgaux 1966 ·

Thanks, this one has really brought an old favorite back for me.

commented on Did I make the right choice? ·

Condolences, we also just lost a long time dog who was an important part of our family. Glad you are traveling. I use a GS GMT; looks good, has two time zones and stands up to anything.

commented on NWA! Green E-Honda! ·

Congrats! Good to hear you’ve gotten a new position and nice way to celebrate. If you want a strap for this ‘the Strap Tailor’ would likely do a good job finding something to complement that great green bezel.

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NWA - Charm City Charmer

I’ve been waiting for the launch of this one for a while, it’s the Natty Boh Moon. A true Baltimore Maryland themed watch from Alan Tsao at the Baltim...

NWA - Well done manual wind titanium

I went to the District Time Show last weekend; one of the brands I checked out was Swiss Watch. Their booth was manned by Jacob Roemer, one of the fam...

NWA - Old classic design from another era

This is a one-of-two purchase, my wife got a women’s version which we’ll post soon. A great design from another era of watch making. 32mm, 69g, titani...

District Time - Washington DC watch show

We made to District time today - fun but crazy busy show! Highlights were meeting Ivan from Vario watches and seeing some cool titanium wathtches from...

Omega Seamaster 300 Titanium NTTD

Seriously bad weather today, I need a diver just to go outside!