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Robcollects ·

To lume or not to lume? That is the question

There’s been a lot of interest and discussion recently on the merits of lume on watches. For me, I have some and my choice falls into four groups - brighten the night, full lume; hands lumed only; tri...
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Robcollects ·

Omega Speedy joining my Seamasters

I’ve been lucky enough to get an Omega Seamaster AT steel/gold and a Seamaster titanium NTTD. I was strongly considering another GS, but an Omega day...
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Robcollects ·

Back to the ‘90’s for comfort?

Some recent good posts on the comfort of watches got me to pull out an old quartz watch that was gifted to me about 15 years ago and I think dates bac...
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Robcollects commented on Help, what am I not considering? ·

I have the GS Winter and the Omega AT. The GS wears smaller, has a higher level of overall finish, and is more accurate. Both are beautiful watches, but if I had to choose one it would be the GS. 

Robcollects commented on What Percentage of your Collection is Quartz? ·

In the past 10 years, my ratio has been about 80/20 favoring mechanical, but I collected a lot during the heyday of quartz and tend to not let things go. Yes, it’s diagnosable! 😵‍💫 

Robcollects commented on Longines Heritage Classic Sector Dial ·

Great looking watch and I like mesh bracelets particularly in the summer. Good choice. 

Robcollects commented on Writing Off A Watch Too Quickly? ·

Mine’s on a bracelet, so I’m thinking a beads-of-rice bracelet to go with the retro look. 

Robcollects commented on Writing Off A Watch Too Quickly? ·

Still not warming up to the Ranger, but I think that’s my bias. I don’t like the wear of Tudors on the wrist. I know a lot of people who do. New straps/bracelets could help. I think (warning MUCH lower price point and brand presence happening now!!) this may be true as I’ve changed bands on most of my Citizen EcoDrives and it’s changed the look/feel completely. Thanks for the review. 

Robcollects commented on Writing Off A Watch Too Quickly? ·

I’m about to change away from my not great OG bracelet on my newest Ball Trainmaster to some other choices. Hope I have your experience. 

Robcollects commented on My First Sweeping Seconds-Hand ·

I hear you! I got this just one for the nostalgic sweep of the second hand. 

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Robcollects ·

Saved by the band

This EcoDrive two-tone watch got a brief mention in a prior review. It. is a 3 hand date quartz powered by a E111 EcoDrive and a two tone polished ste...
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Robcollects ·

Golden class: my first and one of my best

In 2009 my wife decided to get me a truly good watch. She knew I liked watches and I was new to a job as a senior executive. So, time for a ‘good’ dre...
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Robcollects ·

Rado True - Comfortable ceramic

This watch is part of a pair my wife and I bought as a mutual anniversary present. I normally wouldn’t have thought about Rado or a watch with diamond...
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Robcollects ·

Oris Aquis Dat Watt diver Review

Oris Aquis Dat Watt I’ve owned this watch for about six months now, so I feel I know it well enough to give a useful review. Although there are a few...
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Robcollects ·

Citizen Drive - AW1151-04E Review

Good daily beater or gateway watch? This is a review of another older quartz Citizen EcoDrive - the Drive model with blue case highlights and a ‘rubbe...
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Robcollects ·

Citizen World Time AT Review

This watch has been with me for some time, about 15 years. It’s out of production, but Citizen does have similar ones in their catalogue. This watch i...
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Robcollects ·

Korean Air Dual time - Tribute or gateway watch to a JLC Reverso?

Do any of you try out an inexpensive watch with similar attributes to a luxury brand to make sure you like before you buy? The watch I’m wearing today...
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