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Ladies watch recommendations

Good day, so a lot of us are aware of at least 10 to 15 microbrands, but I can’t think of any catering to women size so 32mm and below. So this is pro...

Female storage problems :-)

So I haven’t bought any watches for myself lately (nearly 2 weeks) and all of a sudden my wife got a little collection of her own, which I started. So...

Which NH movement would you chose and why?

So this is for a build, the focus will be on the dial (will be hand painted). Any NH movement can be used. So what to chose?
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commented on Orient ·

I found a few for sale but no real information about the watch itself. I hope someone else can give you more information.

commented on Orient ·

That’s also what confuses me… and it is missing the KD on the dial. But from the looks and the crown/pusher set up it’s very close. Any numbers on the caseback?

commented on Orient ·

Looks like a orient king diver, but I’m no expert.

commented on MÖELS 369 VELVET NOIR ·

The dial, hands combination really pops. Nice, I hope I can check it out in real life someday. 👍

commented on Ladies watch recommendations ·

Omega is banned from the household and I already bought her a longines, a credor, a rolex and a cartier. I’m looking for something different. That’s why microbrand. I appreciate all the input, but that’s why I tried to specify my post as much as I can 😅, to find something I’m not familiar with. Hope to get a few more options here.

Thanks all.

commented on Good advice would be appreciate 😁 ·

Good luck with your new endeavor.

commented on Best 4-6 collection movement lines? ·

I don’t know for how long you’re collecting but you’re not impressing anyone with watches except people who share the hobby. “Normal” people don’t care about watches. Get what you like and can afford… but you forgot that movements are not just movements so you’ll need micro rotor, chronograph movements, world timer, split second, jumping hour, perpetual calendar, tourbillon and tons of other movements 🫣🤣

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You guys are crazy 😅

So I’ve seen a lot of crunchers posting new watches directly after new year and I’m like wow this is crazy how many people just keep on buying without...

Buy my wife a Rolex to spite the in-laws

So pretty simple my in-laws are Chinese and basically every encounter with them is about money. I’m not Chinese so I don’t give in to their bs. So out of spite I’m thinking of buying wifey a Rolex (I...
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Seiko Bruce Lee limited edition

Hi crunchers if anyone is still looking for the watch it’s available in the Seiko branch market market BGC, Taguig City. And everything is aligned. 27...

Help! What to do with the movement…

So I have an Omega movement cal. 1012, from a Tissot gl 526. Unfortunately the case is roached and the caseback is from another watch. So what to do?...

What would you get?

I’m torn between a Chinese jump hour (seagull movement) or a swiss watch with alarm complication (Zeit Zentrum). Thanks
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WatchCrunch meetup Manila???

As the title indicates, I’m curious if there are plans for a meetup or interest? Usually people in the NCR are enthusiastic about their hobbies, but w...