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robbits ยท

Advice on watch shopping in South Korea

I might be going to Seoul, South Korea in a few months, and I'm considering buying a watch there as a souvenir. Does anyone have watch shopping advice...
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robbits ยท

Got my first watch winder! ๐ŸŽ„

Instead of buying a new watch, I treated myself to a Wolf watch winder. ๐ŸŽ Happy holidays WatchCrunch! โœจ
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robbits ยท

Can't understand why I want this dinky watch

I get that watches these days are mostly worn as snobby status symbols, and that buying "attainable" watches just slows down the process of saving up...
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robbits commented on Keep Your Self-Winding Watch Ticking with a Watch Winder ยท

I got the same winder:


The expanding cuffs that hold the watch into place were too big and strained my bracelets (16cm wrist). So I used some velcro and pieces of foam instead.

robbits commented on Omega - what would you like to see from the brand next? ยท

#1 - I really wish they would make 36mm variants of the ceramic/liquid metal Constellation.


#2 - Make something more compelling in the De Ville line.

robbits commented on Review: The Relio Solstice (Red Dial) - The One Watch Collection? ยท

If it's the one watch you can reach for 99% of the time and never have to worry about it, then it's close enough to a one watch collection! Just hide the other watches in another box. ๐Ÿซฃ

Also, really gotta appreciate the sincerity of the founders to support their customers. It's good to feel like you're building a relationship with the brand and makes you want to cheer them on.

robbits commented on Weekly Watch Rotation ยท

The trick is to swap watches within the day, effectively doubling or even tripling your watch rotation productivity! ๐Ÿคฃ

robbits commented on Omega Quartz reliability ยท

Omega quartz are quite common, usually among ladies watches, and up to 36mm mid-size variants.

The official Omega service center in my country is notorious for overpricing their battery replacement service, by pretending that the battery has leaked.

Anyway my dad has a quartz Constellation Manhattan with an independently adjustable hour hand, likely from the 70s or 80s. It still runs fine.

robbits commented on Timex G-Shock Killer?? ยท

At the Timex marketing department: "Legal says we can't call it T-Shock, so let's give it a stupid name, everyone's bound to call it T-Shock anyway!"

robbits commented on Rolex sports watches. Is the bracelet a huge part of the appeal? ยท

The original bracelet is always a must-have for any watch, but I like seeing vintage Rolex watches on a leather strap too.

For me, the Yacht-Master on a rubber Oysterflex strap is proof that a modern Rolex sports watch can retain its visual identity without the usual Oyster/Jubilee bracelet:


The catch is nothing else beats the look of a first-party Rolex strap -- especially since Rolex has gotten us so accustomed to seeing specific design cues in the strap and its hardware:


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robbits ยท

Tissot PRX 35mm FINALLY with Powermatic 80

I've always wanted a Tissot PRX but only the larger 40mm size was ever available with the Powermatic 80 movement. The 35mm quartz version was tempting...
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robbits ยท

Wrist shots using the new ring light!

I just got an 18" ring light. Gonna try this for some watch photography. Here are a few wrist shots for now!
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robbits ยท

The Legend Diver mesh bracelet is a scratch magnet

After nearly 3 months, the mesh bracelet for my Longines Legend Diver 42mm finally arrived from the AD. ๐Ÿฅณ I love how it looks, it makes the watch look...
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robbits ยท

Scratches: to buff or not?

I've been getting some more noticeable scratches on my Longines Legend Diver 42. The super polished case with giant lugs is really a big hitbox on the...
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robbits ยท

Black Seiko 5 Flieger on NATO strap

The matte black case on this Seiko pilot watch doesn't "dress up" as well as the polished stainless steel version, but it's more resistant to scratche...
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robbits ยท

It's a garbage watch but I love it so much

This is my 1980 Seiko Type II Quartz QGP171. So this was the quartz piece of junk that I acquired 2 months ago. The seller told me it just needed a ba...
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robbits ยท

NATO strap buddies!

Went strap shopping with my friends. I've always preferred an understated look, but for NATO straps, bold colors are the way to go! They truly livened...
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