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Citizen just dropped a pocket watch ⏱️ And of course it's going to be very limited 😭

My watch bracelet came undone! 😱

Just moments ago, I picked up my Seiko Tuna from the watch box, and was shookt when the bracelet slipped right off the foam cushion. Turns out one of...

Swifty Swathoms

Check out that lume. This thing is amazing in person. Don't buy from the flippers!

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commented on Bvlgari - this is what I want to see from W&W ·

Forget the lume, don't ask about the water resistance 🤣

commented on Bvlgari - this is what I want to see from W&W ·

We need more wondering about what could be possible, and less wondering what the designers were thinking! Good to know some brands still care enough to make fun new innovations!

commented on Moonswatch - Worth it? ·

Here's my experience with the Moonswatch.

Short term: Mid-2023, it was still hard to obtain at retail. I got lucky and got the Jupiter at a Swatch AD. I mostly kept it in the box, afraid to scratch it. The protective sticker even stayed on the crystal most of the time. 🤣


A few months in: I bought 3rd party straps to "save" the stock nylon NATO, which felt cheap anyway. It felt novel and looked pretty sweet, but I disliked that the metal buckle clashed with the plastic watch case. I was getting bored of the bland Jupiter colorway, and wished I got a bolder color instead (Uranus).


A few months later, I got the Swatch Fifty Fathoms and loved it more than the Moonswatch. It had more wrist presence, which I liked for casual fits. Hardly ever wore the Moonswatch, if at all.

Now, almost 1 year since purchase: A realization came over me, that the stock strap is what completes the look of the Moonswatch. It's been back on the stock NATO ever since. The strap has broken in and feels comfortable on my wrist.

It goes so well with most of my outfits, sometimes I'd wear it 3x in a week, whether at the office or during weekends. Maybe it's thanks to the neutral Jupiter colorway. It's perfect for when I don't want to be wearing a metal watch.

commented on Vintage Wednesday ·

That's a beautiful gilt dial, and the watch looks very young for its age!

commented on The thing about diving bezels ·

Even if you don't use the bezel it's still useful just for the extra minute markers 🤣

commented on Has anyone seen one of these in the wild? ·

I haven't noticed that watch, but I instinctively checked to see if it had the "dot over 90." 🤣

commented on Tudor Hydronaut again ·

The 90s vibe is 🔥🔥🔥

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