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Does your significant other ever guilt you about money you spend on watches?

Title is a pretty straight forward question. In my case I have been funding my watch obsession by selling off stuff I have been keeping in the house b...

Do you ever look at your watch admiringly only to find that you've sent the wrong body language?

I like my watches. I like looking at them. I'll look at them even when I don't want to know the time. I find myself doing it at odd, random moments. P...

I don't get Chrono24

I just saw a watch I've been lusting after for the last few weeks for sale on Chrono24. The seller wants a $263 markup for the exact same watch that c...

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commented on Scratch is gone! 馃ぉ

Alternatively you jumped a timeline into one where you didn't scratch your watch.

commented on This is a thing? Would you buy? price on the website and you have to travel to pick it up? Okie dokie.

commented on Another day, another donkey...

Out of curiosity what are you going to price this at and where do you sell your restored beauties?

commented on The Spaceship Though

They are really hanging onto that moon heritage aren't they?

commented on I broke my promise to buy 1 watch/year. But for a good reason!

Am I the only one who read the top watch as saying 52:11?

commented on Which watch

I'm gonna go against the crowd and say the Bulova.

commented on For god's sake, can we finally put a fork in it? AKA, putting an end to threads about "which watch is a better investment?" or "which watch will hold its value better?"

Fun fact: the Playstation was a joint development between Sony and Nintendo designed to take advantage of Sony's CD technology. Nintendo pulled out, probably because they made so much of their money from owning and controlling the cartridge manufacturing.

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My wife didn't appreciate my thoughts on the price of dinner....

Our eldest graduated from elementary school today so the special occasion called for a special dinner. We ate at our local upscale seafood restaurant...