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onlyoneMatt ·

Bristol or UK vintage watch repair

Hey everyone, I recently ordered this lovely vintage Slava automatic from a seller in the Ukraine. Seller has many years of good feedback as watch mer...
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onlyoneMatt ·

Sub £400/$500 Tool/Dive watch - unusual recommendations

Hello all - I recently sold my diver because I can’t wear a 45mm on my 6.5 inch wrist, no matter how nice it is. However, I love a good quality diver/...
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onlyoneMatt ·

New Television dial watches - are there any??

Hey everyone, I’d really like to get a television dial watch. I love the retro style of them (although clearly I’m one of the few as I don’t see many...
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onlyoneMatt commented on Automatic Quartz ·

I’ve always loved the look of the original Arctura Kinetics (image borrowed) since I first saw one when I was 13. But I couldn’t afford one then and now I’d be worried about the same issues as @RandyC  - my collections is less than 10, but I think if I didn’t wear it constantly I’d worry about getting it started. And then there‘s the issue of replacing the capacitor.

As for the original question, I’m hopeful people will continue to experiment - after all, mechanical watches coild easily be gone now thanks to quartz - but it’s not, because people love the movement. 

onlyoneMatt commented on Congrats to FARER | Win this watch! ·

Great site and great video, Max, keep up the good work. Living in England, I’d love to have a Farer on the wrist - especially one as cool as the Stanhope II ! 

onlyoneMatt commented on Bristol or UK vintage watch repair ·

Just for posterity, after some searching I found Horological Underground, who I cannot recommend strongly enough. They sorted it out quickly (and cheaply) for me on site. Also had a range of lovely vintage pieces for sale as well as their own limited edition pieces handmade by their in-house watchmaker.

onlyoneMatt commented on There is nothing to fear from Quartz. ·

One reason I like quartz is it allows me to have stylish watches cheaply, that I don’t have to worry about using. For me, a 300+ watch is expensive, so mostly wont get the same kind of use, unlike what I’m currently wearing. Also, quartz is great for the variety of chronograph complications. 

However, as I really like the technical aspects of mechanical watches, if I had limitless funds, I’d own a lot of watches… but probably very few quartz ones! 

onlyoneMatt commented on Sub £400/$500 Tool/Dive watch - unusual recommendations ·

Really digging these internal rotating bezels, compressor style (as true compressors out of price range). Shame the Spinnaker Bradner seems too big, as I think I prefer it’s looks to the Dan Henry (plus full sapphire glass). 

onlyoneMatt commented on Sub £400/$500 Tool/Dive watch - unusual recommendations ·

Yeah those are really nice, will keep an eye out. I actually really like the look of their new Solent collection but I’m just not sure they are robust enough in terms of design/water resistance and have no lume. I’m now well and truly down the micro brand rabbit hole on this one and finding a lot a like in this price range (and even more that are too expensive 🤣). 

onlyoneMatt commented on To Panerai or Not to Panerai? ·

First of all, it’s gorgeous. Plus, if you ever got a bit bored, a different strap with the white dial would hugely change the look.  

Second, if @ChronoGuy is right, you get to be part of a scandal. And though they might hate to admit it, everyone loves a good scandal!

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onlyoneMatt ·

Shoal Deep Kickstarter - Second Hour - advice?

Hello everyone, This watch on Kickstarter has caught my eye. They seem to be a new company called First Stage but with technical support from the micr...
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