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Namokis seikonaut

This one's spoken for.
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Xx121 purple

Found a nice purple nato!
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Seiko Mods

Updated photos
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BRSEvolve commented on Most Dangerous Game - how do you choose the target of your next watch hunt? ·

I just start digging and see what catches my eye. Mostly I end up with a particular watch after falling down some rabbit hole or another. I do watch a few brands pretty religiously but that doesn't necessarily mean their stuff always wins out. 

BRSEvolve commented on Yes, no or kind of cheesy bro ? ·

keeping that strap brite white might be impossible? Bracelet for that imho. 

BRSEvolve commented on Desk diver question ·

Huh... I didn't mention a watch roll. 😕  regardless I don't use winders. Why wear gears when the watch isn't on my wrist.

BRSEvolve commented on Desk diver question ·

Buy a spare strap.

I wouldn't leave my watch in a winder all the time.

BRSEvolve commented on Nomos Ahoi Atlantic Date ·

long may it last 😉

BRSEvolve commented on Nomos Ahoi Atlantic Date ·

gooooood loooking nomos dudebro.

BRSEvolve commented on How much has WatchCrunch cost you? ·

im at a net positive so far. 

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BRSEvolve ·

Seiko Mod

Fresh off the bench. Needs a dope bracelet.
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BRSEvolve ·

Seiko Mod wip

Just sharing a picture of a mod I'm building
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BRSEvolve ·

Purple and Gold.

just sharing photos this one is sold.
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Awesome Beater all cleaned up.

This watch was trashed when I got it off ebay. About 3 hours later its in way better shape. Tore it down, removed the movement, popped the glass, then...
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Three different sanding sponges and some tape does the trick.
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BRSEvolve ·

Seikonaut Mod

WIP on a seikonaut mod, the stem and crown will get changed out to the correct size crown this is just the stem and crown that was paired with the mov...
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Mod wip

Mod wip
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