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Homage watches

Just want to get peoples opinion on homage watches like pagani and San martin. Spec wise they seem pretty good but not an original design.

San Martin sn0033-g2

Great dial, great lume, love the onion bezel and should live in a nato strap!!! A hidden gem of San Martin

Review San Martin SN0116-G GMT

Today I received my new San Martin and as I鈥榤 really impressed with this one, I thought about using it as an excuse to do my first brief watch review....

San Martin SN0116-G GMT

3.8 Avg. Score

Spy vs spy

So I have here two very opposite ends of the market, which both feature the same seiko movement. Now I鈥檓 given to believe that San Martin fine tune &a...

The 62MAS from San Martin is a bit annoying to be honest.

The fault is not with the watch itself because so far it proved to be the best 62MAS re-creation that I tried. My problem is that the SN007-G-X forced...

San Martin makes awesome watches!

Firstly, I鈥檓 not a big fan of homage watches but this one really impressed me with the finishing and quality

Mercedes hands don't makes a lot of sense really.

As usual, drinking my morning coffee and playing with a watch and a camera is leaving me with plenty of time to think idle thoughts and this morning m...

Back to some photography

After my summer in China, I haven't been doing too much photography, but I decided to go for some photos again while visiting Kauniainen, the smallest...

How original are these San Martins?

Saw these two San Martins and thaught they are quite nice but how original is their design?

San Martin SN0125T

Here's the link to the watch and my review.