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Anyone want to play: guess the watch?

Basically, a clue or snippet of your favorites and let’s see who knows their watches!?

Watch photography.

Outside of the standard wrist shot, what are your best photography tips and tricks?

Revived! Before and After

Any vintage watch fans out there? If you see a watch you like but aren’t thrilled with the condition of the plastic/glass, such as Omega’s hesalite, a...

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commented on Anyone want to play: guess the watch? ·

Okay that was a bit too easy. Correct CW C60. I tried to subtly hide the trident… next time, it won’t be so easy.

commented on burntleaves's WRUW ·

I just got mine a few weeks back. Great everyday watch. I love everything about it except the weight and deep date indicator. But for the price, it’s exceptional.

commented on biglove's WRUW ·

Nice shot!

commented on tonistarch's WRUW ·

That’s a great looking watch. I’ve not seen it before. What’s the model? I can’t find it on the google.

commented on Fishmongerel's WRUW ·

Thats officially on my wish list now.

commented on kimbal27's WRUW ·

I guess this is the real Dune watch!

commented on Anyone think the Omega Speed Master triple date is slept on? ·

They’ve got fantastic looking Panda, reverse panda, white, and Blue versions out there too. All look fantastic.

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Best single entry level watch?

I think the Seiko SNSX79 is my vote. Useful for all occasions. Cheapest automatic you can get save for AliExpress deals. Great size and great movement...

Checking out the Omega Boutique today.

First time posting. First time wearing an Omega. I have a small collection of mainly <$200 pieces. Citizen, Seiko, Orient, AliExpress deals. A litt...