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Is Sea-Gull a good brand?

I have this vintage watch and I think it‘s pretty. A good friend of mine said that the watch is cheap because of the „made in china“ on the dial. I th...

Shockingly-obscene…and I love it!

A couple months ago, I stopped at the Walmart in Evanston, Wyoming to look at watch deals and came-upon this golden, crystal-laden chandelier of watch...

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Your favorite logos and brand names

One thing you have to get right as a watch company is a good logo and a good name since they are usually found somewhere on the dial and you'll see th...

Seagull mechanical chronograph

Have been enjoying this watch much more than I would like to admit.. The movement is just crisp and dead accurate. Been keeping great time and chrono...

Seagull 1963 (40mm model)

Hi! I am very interested in buying the Seagull 1963 soon. I saw it in the website . Is this a good place to buy it? I read somewhe...

Got my Seagull 1963 after returning from China

What could possibly be a better prop for the 1963 than my Mao statue? For the last 3 months I have been in China and among my souvenirs was this Mao s...

The Seagull 1963 review: A Classic Watch with Timeless Elegance Introduction:

The Seagull 1963 is a watch that harks back to a bygone era. With its vintage charm and reliable performance, it's a timepiece that appeals to those w...

Seagull Seagull 1963

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Buying the same watch again?

Did you ever buy the same watch again but in a different color or something like that? Did you end up keeping both? Does it even make sense? Because i...

ST19xx Experience?

Short Version: Do you have experience with the ST19 series mechanical chronograph? Can it handle being a daily driver? Long Version: After ages of sea...